Jan. 15th, 2009

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winter ray
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The other day on the train, I felt like people were giving me lots of "sizing him up" glances and I couldn't figure out why. Then I remembered my choice of winter gear and my sunglasses and know exactly why they are looking at me. I'm That Guy.

I know its sort of ridiculous how much Chicagoans talk about the weather and how much of a legitimate conversation topic it is here, but honestly, its because so much weird stuff happens around you when it starts to get this cold. Like, you know how heat makes the air wavy and watery? I first noticed it as a kid when watching the charcoal grill flame up, and in the summers, steam rising off the hot asphalt. Well, tonight on the way home from work, the train got above ground, where its currently -11 degrees outside and hasn't gone above 0 all day, and everytime the doors opened on the platform, the ENTIRE ENTRYWAY OPENING was watery and wavy from the heat of the 60 degree train car air hitting the cold air.

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