Feb. 10th, 2009

raybear: (portrait by Amy Garlick)
Today is too lovely to be denied. I slept in (though that's relative given that I went to bed at 2 am, so I still got the usual 6.5 hours of rest), then spent the morning taking care of some lagging Unemployment To-Do list items I'd been avoiding. I washed dishes for awhile, then, inspired by a chat with [livejournal.com profile] crafting_change, I gave my bike a sponge bath. I had been thinking about getting the tune-up soon, to beat the spring rush, but today is sunny and breezy and 60, so I decided I would wipe down the bike, ride to the gym and lift, ride to the library, then the bike shop and drop it off. Except when I started to roll up on Boulevard Bikes, my heart did not want to be separated from my love. We rode home joyous together. Now I'm recuperating in my dark cave office, eating a sandwich and pears and smoky bacon & cheddar potato crisps. Again I'm playing hooky from revising because I want to be outside again on my bike. Maybe with my new camcorder too.

In Other News, not only did I answer the phone today, I also made a call. And I'm typing this while sitting on the couch on my office that is not cluttered with piles of clean laundry or papers. So far, my new year's resolutions are going swimmingly.

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