Apr. 2nd, 2009

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So I started a being an afternoon manny to Ida X three days a week. Its a pretty awesome job for the following reasons, in descending order.

#1 I'm her uncle.
(tie) She's a pretty awesome baby.
#3 I really like hanging out with kids in lowkey ways (i.e. individual or small group babysitting, not necessarily managing a large group of them in a classroom or camp or playground).
#4 CP and NX have cable so I can watch project runway marathon in the background (which is sort of the perfect show to come in and out of, there's no need to really pay that close attention, but I'm always mesmerized when I am).

The first day she was little fussy or just perplexed, mostly because I think we were feeling each other out, getting used to the other one. Yesterday, nary a tear was shed, we had a good time together and she even napped for awhile. The key was possibly that I unlocked years of my repressed urges for having physical tics. I didn't fully realize it until about 45 minutes into being there and I had been been fidgeting the entire time, bouncing her up and down, or swaying back and forth while standing, or both. I had to start being more conscientious in my movements, as certain body parts would cramp. I get this from my father, which I'd forgotten about until spending time with him, he still does his hand shaking thing, his pacing around thing, he rarely looks 100% comfortable when sitting still, but the fidgeting makes him seem nervous. Between my years of piano recitals and choirs, theater and speeches, I have trained most of my tendencies out of my body. But still sometimes while sitting, my heel will get to bouncing. It is not really a sign of agitation or nervousness, if anything it make me feel less so, but still I control it because I know how it looks from the outside. So it felt nice to just sort of let loose, and for an entire hour she bounced on my lap while feeding and zoning out, then fully passed out for half an hour, my leg still going the whole time while I watched Heidi Klum. (And took our picture.)

Also, even though I have thousands of songs stored in the recesses of my brain, for some reason I always totally blank out when I'm actually holding her and trying to think of a song to sing to entertain/soothe her. So I inevitably made up a songs based on whatever is happening in the immediate surroundings, without any actual refrain or rhyming, and a couple times it turned into an R. Kelly Trapped in the Closet type operatic song that lasted for 10-15 minutes. And for some reason, the melody I keep using for my improvised opus is Isobel Campbell's Johnny Come Home. (there's a sample of the song on the page)

I hope they never get a nanny cam.

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