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Its after midnight, but you know the rules, I’m not asleep yet so its still Sunday night, its still Sunday. I noticed the clock at 11:40 pm and thought I could squeeze something out ,but then I got distracted as usual and now its clearly after midnight, no skirting in. I went to temple this morning and felt for the first time how it actually feels like being there on a Sunday morning is my default. I’m not always there, but nowadays I am more often than I’m not, and funny how that happens more often on accident than intentionally. Or rather, the intention sneaks around the side and doesn’t have that direct look we think.

Sophie isn’t much better, but isn’t worse. This morning she drank the tuna water from a can that I drained, I rejoice and opened another, and another. She drank only a few licks more, but it was something. And at least all the tuna I could throw into a plastic container and throw in the fridge and eat for lunch this week, its not wasted food like the gross dried up bits of boiled hamburger and noodles that went untouched. Tonight she ate about 5 bites of chicken before giving up. Jet and Jyl came over and it was good to have company, also to eat delicious snacks and build magic rock aquariums. Now it is bedtime but I want to stay up late and I suppose I can, there isn’t a hard and fast rule , maybe I will write my movie review tonight (rather than my usual 7 am Monday slot) and sleep in, maybe it will thunderstorm through the night and I will sleep under blankets with the windows open.
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