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Jan. 22nd, 2010 08:53 am
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Going to Mississippi for Thanksgiving was immersive reminder that while I may not live in the american south anymore, I am still a southerner. Or as I said to Amber the night I got back and was telling stories, "I'm sure as hell not a midwesterner." I have taken to saying this phrase a lot, actually, though mostly in my head as I don't see many people in a given day. Anyway, I don't mean it remotely derisively -- I have been a citizen of the midwest since 1995 and Chicago has been very good to me and I have fondness for the region in general. But I do not feel of it in the same way at all, and I never will and that is a-ok with me, I don't mind the vague cultural expatriate experience at all. But now I'm noticing how it appears in other small ways. Like all this week, I have been severely confused with people posting on facebook about cheering for the Vikings. I don't even follow football, most people I know don't seriously, but I know that once playoffs come about, more people jump in and I don't judge that at all, it is the nature of sports, they WANT people to come on board late too. So my first thought is always, ha! They're posting about football! It must be the playoffs! and then my second thought is, but the Vikings?!? Then today it finally hit me -- oh yeah, Minnesota team, most people around me are midwesterners in some form. So they all feel for the Vikings what I am currently feeling for......New Orleans. Geaux Saints! Am I going to have to watch a football game on Sunday? Maybe.
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