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Birthdate:Jun 26
Location:Illinois, United States of America
Website:Everybody loves gifts. Including Raybear.
E-mail: raybear at livejournal dot com

I'm obviously an exhibitionist of sorts, since my journal is available for strangers to read and comment. I write to document myself, but knowing that people might actually be reading keeps me honest.
And I'm much funnier in person.

Basic Stats:
Writer. Sometimes Teacher. Occasional DJ.
Queer Bisexual Kinky Ethical Slut Transguy (inquire within).
Southern Gentleman currently lodged in the Midwest.
Pop Culture Geek. Music Nerd. Comedic Storyteller. Taker of long walks.

Also, if you're journal is more than 50% quizzes and surveys and/or they aren't hidden behind cut tags, I'm probably not going to add you back as a friend. Sorry, but I prefer journals where people actually write about stuff.

Interests (138):

80's r&b, anal sex, anxiety, atlanta, bars with good jukeboxes, bdsm, bears, big jessie, biscuits and gravy, bisexual, bj--k, blank books, bottom, bubble baths, buddhism, burning sage, buttermilk, cheese, chicago, chocolate creme oreos, cigarettes, cities, clue, coffee, cooking, cuddling, cultural conditioning, cum stains on pants, dancing, dime-dropping, dj boywonder, dream interpretation, drinking soymilk while shirt-less, driving stick, dvd marathons, ethical slut, fags, femme, film, flogging, food network, fried chicken, ftm, fucking, fuckmonster, fuf, genderqueer, gynandrousness, half and half, hip hop, hot gay sex, hypochondria, hypoglycemia, i'm just saying, incense, intense writing workshops, internalized racism, irony, irony-free, karaoke, katamari, kink, knowhowiknowyou'regay?, lady lynx, lapdances, lil lisa slurry, los angeles, lowenstein, lucid dreaming, meditation, melro, menthols, mixtapes, moleskine, mr. chubby, mtf, music production, narrative pov, new york city, non-monogamy, not "fucking to portishead", not judging, not labelling things "ghetto", olives, otterbear, personal ads, phlayva eyce, politics, pop culture, porn, postmodern, pre-enactments, queer hip-hop, queer sex, queer theory, queerboy, race theory, raybear, records, redan, renfairehippienudists, road trips, rothko, sampling, sausage, sex, shoe theory, smelling good, southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, spontaneous visits, stone mountain, store brand pharmaceuticals, superstar, sushi, systemic social problems, tarot, teresa strasser, the anti-emotiphobe revolution, the simpsons, time, top, tranny chaser, trannyfag, transgender, travel, trivia, turntables, unsexy, urban landscape, used bookstores, video games, vinyl, vitamin!water, walgreens, whiskey in flasks, white allies, writing, zen
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