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You know what's awesome? When you're talking to your friend on gchat about playing scrabulous and the 7 letter word "etaerio" and that while making a pie, you started talking to the berries and explaining that they are, indeed, etaerios, and then that friend goes and makes a comic strip about your life in the Facebook graffiti function (which is basically MS Paint).

It's so awesome, that I need to post it here too.

Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] limenal!
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At the new year's eve service at temple, one of the rituals is the burning of one's defilements, or 'bad habits' as they gently put it. You have a piece of a paper, about 4x6 and a small golf pencil and a few minutes to write down all the things from the past year you want to let go of, send up in smoke. Last year, they started a new tradition of giving out a second piece of paper. On this one, you write down all the 'good habits' you desire to cultivate in the next year. Last year, I left my paper blank. I folded it in quarters and stuck it in my pocket and I still have it -- stuck into my 'writing altar' in the office which is basically my MFA thesis, lots of blank books, and inspirational notes on post-its. The emptiness sort of represented possibility of all the things I could and would do in 2007. It also represented the state of mind I was in, weighed down and paralyzed and trying to get rid of so much of my 'bad habits' that I couldn't even conceive of what positive aspirations I had.

This year, I wrote out my defilements and I felt like I had more jotted down than years' past, but only because I was able to write out specifically what things were bothering me, what I wanted to let go. And when it came time for the good habits, I knew right away what to right there as well, it was very clear the things I want to cultivate and do more of:


Now I'm about to drink coffee and pull out the paper journal and see the concrete 'resolutions' I made last year. I know that I did not achieve lots of them, but I'm okay with most all of it -- because I either learned something concrete about myself in why I didn't do it, or I'm okay with just adding it to the list for this year. Like learning to do a headstand.
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I am hungover. I came home at a somewhat reasonable hour (1 am) being somewhat reasonably drunk (I was chatty, but aware) after a delightful evening with [livejournal.com profile] keetbabe that included seeing Notes from a Scandal (which I will write more about later), then going to a party at Miss Rook's house, where I alternated between glasses of syrah and a cocktails of brazilian rum and passionfruit juice. But then I had go down the path of cruising on craigslist and adam4adam for two more hours while continuing to drink. I was in a bad bad place. I mean, ok, actually, I wasn't that bad, in that I didn't feel misterable (hello, alcohol is numbing) but I did feel a little like I was trapped in the anxiety spiral that sometimes happens and I don't know how to get out of it, but then it just stops. Finally at 4 am I went to bed. And I did not have sex with a stranger. Which isn't by any means the end of the world, I just would prefer that isht to happen when I'm going to enjoy it.

So, in typical drunk fashion, I slept all of four hours. But I got up and had a glass of diluted orange juice and ate a banana and took a couple aspirin (even though I didn't actually have a headache) and I'm doing okay. I was still lacking a movie I was excited about to show at film group though. So I went to Earwax and the video store wasn't open yet, which was fine because I realized I was hungry and needed coffee, so I treated myself to breakfast and it was nearly perfect, sitting in the back booth alone with eggs and bacon and coffee and a friendly waitress who was super efficient but not chatty and lesser known Miles Davis album playing and I wrote up all my feedback for writing group this afternoon. Then I found the perfect movie for film group and I'm very excited. And man, I am currently in love with that video store in Earwax. Huge collection and stoner arty grimey clerks who aren't assholes to you.

And all day I've been listening to Ray Charles and Curtis Mayfield and a couple songs came up which, after the music at Earwax, got me thinking about the topic of Lesser Known Songs by Very Known Artists. So give me some. This is slightly subjective of course, and I'm not going to police anyone's interpretation of it -- the general rule is the song not hasn't gotten lots of radio play nor has it been used famously in a movie or television show. Maybe it was a top 40 hit for the year it came out, but then fell off the radar. Maybe it never was on the radio. Maybe it's that song on the Greatest Hits package that you're like, wtf? I've never heard this. Whatever. Just give me two or three of your favorite lesser known songs by well-known musicians.

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