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I don't mean to rub it in, but there are some pictures of tropical locations on my flickr that I took last week. You can click on the tag "miami" to see them all easily. This one is from the sunrise on the last day.
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I'm sitting on the same couch in the same condo in South Beach as I did almost exactly a year ago. I'm enjoying the familiarity of the once-a-year novelty. Its not quite as warm this year, but I think its getting there -- yesterday it was around 70, today should get up to about 75 and tomorrow its 80. Mostly sunny, of course. (Sorry, Chicago people.)

The weekend before we left for Miami, I had three really long days in a row, and didn't sleep very much or very deeply, but they were all awesome days.
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I’ve been sluggish most all day, with the exception of putting together a submission for workshop. Considered writing down some things about my weekend, but that made me sad. I’ll be fine soon enough, I just need to mope and brood. I came into work and immediately was descended on by the in-your-face nervous nellies who are my office neighbors. 5 o’clock can’t come soon enough, I think. Then I am saved – my boss wants to meet with me briefly. With good news. And you know, its hard to know if ‘good news’ in corporate speak is always good news, because it could be something like, “congratulations, you’ve been chosen for this long, involved tedious project and we’re giving you a $5 gift card to a place you don’t go as thanks!” However, this was authentic good news. I’m now getting paid time off. Starting March 1st, but possibly because I’m ‘paid in arrears”, it would be retroactive such that the vacation I just took would get me paid hours. This is very good news. I can now be sick or go on vacation and not have to live off credit cards to do either.

Now I’m a bit less mopey. Now my office mate is gone for the evening. Now I can write a little about it.


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Um, I'm going to Miami.

Soon. In less than a month. February 22-26, to be exact. I committed an hour ago.

I'm a little freaked out right this second with buyer's remorse, because even though my plane ticket was cheap, I'm looking at possible hotels and worrying about money. But then I think about walking home tonight from the train and how icy and howling it was, while snow swirled around in rather painful ways (and I don't generally think myself a lightweight about the cold). And then I think about how for those four days I'm going to wear my sunglasses nonstop and it will be sunny but not hot, and I will do nothing but walk around, lay around, jog around, and drink around the ocean. And it will all be okay.

I've just been hemming and hawing and saying and thinking and I knew I had to just commit, do it, point to the calender and buy a ticket, otherwise it would be April and my ass would still be in Chicago. I promised myself a winter vacation, to reward myself for finishing the draft of my novel (which, uh, I should get on that -- but now I have a deadline!), for surviving winter, and the holidays, and depression and all that. I'll figure the rest of it out, even if it means five days of granola bars and free continental breakfasts as my only sustenance.

ETA: Hey, there are hostels for $25 a night. Maybe I'll spring for a luxury room in a real hotel one night, and dorm it the rest.

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