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I know its Friday and most people are done for the day, but I just got to work and this mixtape, which you can download for free or listen live like I'm doing now, is making my shift so much more awesome.

courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] popnography, who also posted it along with a picture of Jay-Z looking cute in a cardigan.
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I've been having a bit of birthday blues this week, and today and tomorrow its supposed to be all grey and rainy, which doesn't exactly help. But it does help to be showered with gifts from [livejournal.com profile] dommeyourass, including a spontaneous lunch with her today consisting of takeout from Smoque (plus a side salad made from various leafy things from our first farm share of fruits and vegetables). Then while we were watching the movie Into the Wild, the UPS guy came and delivered one of my birthday gifts. This camping hammock!

Right this very second, it looks slightly disturbing to me, I must confess, I think because it seems slightly claustrophobia-inducing, but obviously it is breathable and has vents and whatnot. I'm also feeling trapped inside my office at work, so curling up into something smaller isn't appealing. But once outside, it will be wonderful. Its currently still in its compact package, I haven't tried it out yet. Here's hoping for some sun tomorrow or Friday, and if so, I want to head out to the forest preserve and find two trees and take a birthday nap.

[livejournal.com profile] riverafire tagged me for this meme:

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your spring summer. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

1. Now, Now - St. Vincent
2. Daughters of the Soho Riots - The National
3. The Medium Way - The 1900s
4. Amerykahn Promise - Erykah Badu
5. Stop, Look, Listen - Marvin Gaye & Diana Ross
6. We Can Work It Out - Stevie Wonder
7. Minute by Minute -- Doobie Brothers
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Last night I went to Funky Buddha with [livejournal.com profile] foxycoxy for Itchie Fingers's birthday. I don't really go to FB because I feel uncomfortable with 1) the intense orientalism of the decor and 2) their drinks being hella expensive. But sometimes you make exceptions, because I knew it would be good to chat with Coxy, because Itch is a friend-of-friends and I wouldn't mind if he became my friend, and because I knew the music would be amazing. And sure enough, he and Aquil did not let us down. Getting in without paying a cover didn't hurt either.

I haven't been in a space playing all hip-hop in such a long time, I was like, oh yeah, why don't I do this more? But my favorite part of parties and clubs and events is that moment when a classic (or underplayed) gem comes on and it unites the room, everyone perks up and nods their head or dances and sings along. You know what I'm talking about. When I was standing at the bar, singing along to Pharcyde's Passing Me By with a stranger, I thought "I want to make a 2-disc mix of all these songs!" I told Coxy I would make it for her as part of her indoctrination to hip-hop.

So this morning, I'm up early, and I'm culling songs. But I want help. Normally I'm controlling about my mixes, but I think this would be served better as a collective effort. I know I will forget songs, and because the nature of this mix is such that I might choose stuff that would get me (and [livejournal.com profile] thebrownhornet) super-excited, but won't quite elicit the phenomenon in the club that I'm talking about. So help me, livejournalers who listen to hip-hop! Here's what I have so far. Songs with asteriks are "maybe" votes, so if you think they might be too obscure, let me know. And tell me what songs I'm forgetting! They don't have to be 'old', my choices are heavy in the late 80s to late 90s, and I don't want this to be a mix about 'who can name the oldest, most influential joint in hip hop" game -- I want songs that create collective love, but also don't want it to be too pop-y.

Ok, so far I have:

Passing Me By - The Pharcyde
Ready Or Not - The Fugees
Quiet Storm (remix) - Mobb Deep feat. Lil'
If I Ruled the World - Nas with Lauryn Hill
Juicy - Notorious B.I.G.
Flava In Ya Ear (remix) - Craig Mack
A Roller Skating Jam Named ''Saturdays'' - De La Soul
SpottieOttieDopaliscious - Outkast
Daytona 500 - Ghostface Killah *
Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik - Outkast
Take It Personal - Gang Starr *
I Used To Love Her - Common Sense
All That I Got Is You - Ghostface Killah
You Can Do It - Ice Cube [I should probably do "It Was a Good Day" instead?] *
Sock It 2 Me (Featuring Da Brat) - Missy Elliott [Or should I do "The Rain"] *
Straight Outta Compton - N.W.A.
Stress - Organized Konfusion *
Verbal Intercouse - Raekwon
I Ain't No Joke - Rakim
Elevators (Me And You) - Outkast
The Next Movement - The Roots
Can I Kick It? - A Tribe Called Quest
Gin And Juice - Snoop Doggy Dogg
Roughneck - MC Lyte [or should I do "Lyte as a Rock" or "Paper Thin"?]
Crush on You - Lil Kim [though I'm considering "Drugs" instead, if only because that Sylvester sample is hot and gets used later on by Dr. Dre and Erykah Badu]
My Philosophy - BDP
My Mind Playin' Tricks on Me - Geto Boys

(This isn't an intentional order, btw. I'm just in the gathering songs phase. Also, this might be a 3-disc set.)

Damn, I just realized I have no songs from The Chronic as mp3s. I might need to go peruse my vinyl collection for more inspiration.

Tell me your thoughts.
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The past couple weeks have been primarily about being kind of freaked out in my head when alone and sitting still, but okay when around people or in motion. So I've been fairly busy and social and moving at the gym or in the woods or on my bike, and all of those things have been amazing and fun. But one can only do those things for so long, other responsibilities come up, or just things like, night and being in bed and surrounding yourself with pillows to create a sort of soft nest to surround me and hope I fall asleep quickly, without too much time spent subject to my brain. But a couple things have made me happy while I'm alone, and they include:

1. Lars and the Real Girl. Well, first off, Richard Roeper hated it, so that says something in its favor. I've been mildly curious about this film, almost saw it when it was playing at the second run theater near my house but missed it. Then [livejournal.com profile] anjibobanji started talking about how much she loved it, that she's watched it multiple times, and so I bumped it up on the netflix queue. I watched it yesterday and I just loved it so much, it was unexpected. When the movie was over, I missed the characters. I'm also on season 2 of Big Love and feeling sort of similar, where I get really sad at the end of a disc, because I can't spend any more time with them.

2. Trader Joe's Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches. Trader Joe's is not very convenient to me, and all of their parking lots are horrifically designed (every location in every city I've been to seems to have this problem), but I go specifically for their pear sauce, which is rare in other stores. I always buy two jars, sometimes three. They didn't have any yesterday. I was a pretty heartbroken. But then I got home and ate lunch and afterwards opened up a box of these ice cream sandwiches. When I was a kid, and I first saw the image of a "chipwich" on the ice cream truck, I was so excited. I loved chocolate chip cookies. I loved ice cream. I loved the idea of putting one between the other, and then adding EXTRA chocolate chips? Genius. Except then I had one, and the cookie didn't taste like cookie, the ice cream was that hard, dry cheap kind, and even the chocolate chips tasted fake. I've probably only had four chipwiches in my entire life, I was so disappointed. But these ice cream sandwiches from Trader Joe's are exactly how I dreamed those chipwiches would taste. The cookies are soft bakery style, the ice cream is perfect, the chocolate chips are real. It is perfect. There are only 4 in a box. I should have bought two.

3. I'm going to build my own house. Seriously. Ok, I'm eyeing the giant barn houses and loft houses, to create the super dreamhouse for our 5-10 acres in southwest michigan with [livejournal.com profile] dommeyourass, but the more realistic option is just build the one unit cabin on our property that comes with a house, so it will actually be more of a writer's studio, but I can't wait to sit on the porch out front in a rocking chair and be like, damn, I built this. Seriously. I'm building a fcking house. Ok, it'll be in a few years. But still.


I biked to work, because all this week its sunny and 70s, which is my ideal summer weather because its hot without sweltering. I didn't even bring a change of clothes, I figured I'd get a little sweaty but nothing unreasonable, so I was feeling pretty amused, biking to work in my dark dress pants and white checked button down shirt, then when this elderly woman smiled and waved at me along Milwaukee, I waved backed, but wondered what inspired the friendly outreach until it occured to me: I looked like a mormon guy on his mission.

The week before last, I went out for gelato with [livejournal.com profile] blondestallion and got a mix of two flavors: whiskey and salted peanuts. When I placed my order, when I was eating it, and also several times after when it came up in conversation (it was good gelato), I sang "salt peanuts! salt peanuts!" And every time, most people looked at me slightly startled/confused and then acted like I hadn't just done that. I mean, I know my brain is a sponge of random information. But still, sometimes I forget. Luckily I have a blog, so now everyone can know about Salt Peanuts and I will be less alone in the world.

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Liza is the most consistently talented person in my life when it comes to bringing up some old, old isht from the recesses of my brain that I can hardly believe existed in my memory files at all. Tonight, over IM, I was reminded of this:

Little known fact about me, even to myself: I love claymation. I don't think I officially put it together until last weekend when I found myself watching an claymation kids show on the television at the gym, even though I couldn't access the sound. It was about a blue hippopotomas who was trying to save his snowman friend from melting while in the house, doing things like serving him an ice cream cone or placing him in front of the freezer. In the end, he realized he needed to go outside to spend time with his snowperson, not force the snowperson inside where he does not belong. You need to accept their friends for who they are, just like you accept yourself. That little hippo was way better than the flash power ranger jungle animal kids on the other tv, if only because of its ability to convey an entire narrative without any words.
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I've been thinking lately about my own rhythms and patterns and circadian cycles, and introversion, and how its sometimes hard for me to know, wait, where am I? Much like I had to learn to identify sadness and grief and anger, to differentiate from 'depression', I'm in a similar process with longer cycles. I began thinking about things in terms of tides, because I am woowoo, I am a Cancer and we are moonchild ruled by water, etc. etc. Also, I just like imagery. I'm drawing the lines of what is "low tide" and what is "taken out to sea" with the latter being a more pronounced period of depression and the former just being a mood for a week or two. Rather than try to change my high and low tides (which is probably impossible), I'm trying to look at what works best for each one, and working with those strengths, while also looking to stay anchored so I'm not completely drawn out into the sea (or beached, which I suppose if I'm staying with the metaphor, that is supposed to be a more manic period, which doesn't really fit, though sometimes AFTER a manic period I feel kinda beached. anyway....). Periods of low tide seem to be marked with higher consumption of movies and reading and music.

This current low tide is also marked with achey recovering body, first with my swollen knee of a couple weeks ago, now with strained back. They are active injuries, i'm still functioning, partly since the position that actually causes the most discomfort is sitting, but the injuries have also disrupted my habits, and another thing I keep re-learning is that ongoing minor pain wears down my defenses much more than I give it credit for doing, often until its too late. Today I went for a massage, which both helped and inflamed another region of my back. She also asked me questions that made me fear I actually had a much more serious injury than I initially thought last fall, perhaps it is a herniated disc of some sort. It is a frustrating process of healing, most everything I've read about backs says a large percentage of injuries self-heal within 2 weeks, but then again, the percentages are equally as large that once an injury has happened, it will be re-injured again and again. Ah, getting older. There are mental pleasures and physical drawbacks, but must the latter start so soon?

So here are some highlights so far from this recent (current) low tide.

Before the Devil Knows Your Dead: an intensely emotional character-driven family drama combined with a heist gone wrong? Yes, please! I can't believe this movie flew under the radar for me last year, I never heard anyone I know talk about it. Its on DVD now. In addition to the movie as a whole, I also keep thinking about the irish toast that the title is based on: may you be in heaven a full half hour, before the devil knows your dead.

Fun House (memoir by Alison Bechdel). This book has been well-reviewed by most every periodical as well as every person I know who's read it. That's a lot of hype. Guess what? It lived up to it.

New Amerykah, Part One (by Erykah Badu). When I went to Miami a couple months ago, I picked up Giant Magazine and there was an article with Erykah Badu. I loved her first album (and second live album) then she kinda lost me. I don't hate her, but I do roll my eyes at her a lot. This article made me intrigued again, so when her new album came out I downloaded it. I listened to it nearly a dozen times, usually while washing dishes or puttering around. I liked it, but nothing stood out. But sometime last week, late at night I was home and lying on the ground with my feet in a chair (see above, re: back pain) and I listened to it all the way through. Again. And again. Something clicked and now I think it might be kinda brilliant. Then at the same time I read Rich at FourFour's entries: http://fourfour.typepad.com/fourfour/2008/05/yes-siree.html

Note: there seems to be some controversy in the blogs about her line "so I salute you Farrakhan, yes, because you are me" in one song, and this annoyed me because 1) how come when a white guy says "I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die" we don't denounce him and his album for being murderous, but also, 2) if you listen to that line in context, it doesn't really seem like to me she's holding him up as an example of perfection, but actually more of an example of imperfection, as we all are. But maybe I'm giving her too big of a pass, I will admit that's a possibility.

Last year I tried to get into Samuel Delaney, after reading a profile on him and having several people in my life who are big fans sing his praises. I found several of his books online, I tried to read Dhalgren, and I just couldn't get through it, I barely got into it at all. But yesterday I had this idea for a short story and the topic and structure seemed sort of...Delaneyesque, from the little I've been gleaning. So I decided to pick up Aye, and Gomorrah off my bookshelf and read a few short stories and maybe I could make it a sort of intentional writing exercise. I was wary at first, but I didn't need to be. I started the story "Star Pit" and I'm so engaged and compelled, I've been looking forward to my commutes this week.


I went camping last weekend and completed a 15 mile bike ride through big hills (I did not know south central Wisconsin has such ravines!) -- 7+ miles each way from the campsite to House on the Rock. That deserves its own entry, really. I also had a spiritual experience while sitting shirtless in the sun on a swingset, listening to Jeff Buckley's "Corpus Christi" and St. Vincent's "Landmines".
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Today, the most perfect song in the world is Stevie Wonder's "Uptight (Everything's Alright)".

[Poll #1181373]
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[livejournal.com profile] vfc found this first. Its making me all warm and runny inside with its simplicity and earnestness. Plus, this is a favorite song of mine. I remember being a kid when it came out and my best friend and I would giggle during the lyric in my subject line because we like "they're talking about making babies! That means having sex!!"

This video is recommended for People Fond of 80s R&B Love Songs. And Ukulele Aficionados.

Happy Monday. And I have a feeling I might be posting a lot today to make up for lost time.
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I accidentally watched the Grammys a couple months ago (too lazy to find the entry link so you can click back), and I remember when they announced album of the year and it was Herbie Hancock, I was like, for real? Wow. A jazz album? And that one? Granted, I hadn't heard it, but the idea sounded intriguing but possibly painful, and given that the grammys were recognizing it, and they aren't usually my marker for forward taste, well, I wasn't so sure, but I was terribly curious by the turn of events. So I wanted to hear the record.

Then I promptly forgot about it.

Today I downloaded it and I'm listening to it now, and its kind of amazing. If you are a fan of the Coltrane and Miles Davis standards (Kind of Blue, Giant Steps, Lush Life), or Dave Brubreck, Stan Getz, or Lester Young -- basically the more accessible jazz (I don't mean that as an insult), you should check out this album.

Ok, I feel like I'm a marketing blogger for Columbia Records or something. Sorry. Excuse me while I go back to watching 28 Weeks Later and probably scaring the beejesus out of me right before bed.
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I just cried for 85 minutes straight -- a.k.a. watching the movie Once.

[I linked to the official site because you can download for free the oscar-winning song "Falling Slowly" which is also the song that kills me the most. You don't need the context of the movie at all to understand it, because there is no context in the movie, really -- the entire film is mostly about the act of songwriting and collaborating artistically and the connection that surrounds it.]
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I have this sort of complicated love/hate fixation with Rilo Kiley et al. and today on the bus ride home I had a realization -- listening to Jenny Lewis sing makes me want to be a woman. I texted this epiphany to the one person who I thought would understand this phenomenon best, and he wrote back "omg! me too!"

Yesterday I had a mostly zone out day, partly to practice for my vacation, I suppose. Partly the weather was crappy and I felt no inclination to leave the house at all. Except I needed quarters to do laundry. After a few hours, I managed to make myself walk to the currency exchange, and as a reward, rented two fluffy movies from the Redbox. I got The Invasion and Superbad, and I have to say, I actually enjoyed them both. I recommend low expectations and non-sobriety. I was really surprised by The Invasion, as it got horrid reviews, but I think if you are a fan of the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers and movies of that time and genre, you can appreciate aspects of this new version. It was kind of a good bad movie. Like Transformers, which I watched last week. Because during all the really bad dialogue, I was cackling nonstop because they obviously took it DIRECTLY from the original cartoons.

I have a few things to finish up before vacation, but I have three days which is plenty of time to do it. Mostly I need to complete and send off this fellowship application. I've been working on tweaking the opening chapter of my novel, though I am feeling a bit torn about whether I send them 30 pages of this new work, which I'm more jonesed about but is much less polished, or 30 pages of my other novel which has some superb writing (um, if I do say so myself....I was meaning more in the revised, polished sense when I said it, but ok). Topically, I find it makes me skin crawl. I think I might do the latter only because they want to see what's representative of my work, there's no promise of what project I'm doing. But even the thought of opening up that document is making me queasy. I'll sleep on it. Maybe in the morning I will be kinder to it.

Four days! I leave Friday morning! I have new seersucker shorts to wear! And vacation boxers! I still need to buy suntan lotion.

Also, I know everybody's doing it, but I do like this Vampire Weekend record. I also like the new Cat Power too. There, I said it. Between this and the Jenny Lewis confession, I feel so much better.
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Its Wednesday! This song makes me so happy!! In a way that sometimes I cry.

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In the year end issue of Entertainment Weekly, they had a series of short pieces called This is the Year That..... and one of them was This is the Year That I Got Old. The writer was maybe 34 and started off talking about how they used to be totally on top off all things pop culture, but knew it was starting to fall apart when she left the seizure-inducing layout of MySpace for an account of Facebook so she could play scrabble with her friends. "Do you know who plays scrabble? Old people."

I could relate. Although I'm still beating my brother who turned 30 and suddenly only started buying one CD a year (and this was before he had kids). I used to be someone who made year-end top 10 lists. But now I read them for recommendations. Today I was scanning and listening, putting together a new playlist called "hipster workout" for something new while I'm on the fake machines at the gym. I was looking for more blip-beeps and ambient and zoning out types to mix in, and so far its LCD Soundsystem and Burial and Lil Wayne and RJD2 and Caribou and....Tegan & Sara. I know I'm like a thousand years behind everyone, by finally getting into them, and this is partially to blame because their album came out while I was working at the bookstore and all day long it was variations of girls with guitars music, whether it was Melissa Ferrick or the Butchies, and it all was blending together in my brain for awhile, so I sort of lumped it all together even after the fact. But you know, an album shows up on enough people's top 10 lists, I'll give it a listen. And I don't love every song, and so far I'm actually listening to more of "If It Was You" instead of "The Con".

Next week I'll be telling you about this new band Arcade Fire that I've heard of.

Not to be all Bridget Jones, but... )

I'm majorly rambling and I didn't even get to the irrational panicky brain trip about becoming Marc Jacobs and I don't know how to get back to the place I wanted to end this post which is namely, I'm finally watching Friday Night Lights, season one (see, people list it on best-of's, I finally pay attention!), and I'm a little bit in love with Zach Gilford (the second string quarterback who steps in, Matt Whatitson) and want him to be my boyfriend. I'm not generally into fresh-faced pretty boys, so I am a little baffled by my own attraction. And I'm looking at pictures of him on google to show people, but none of them look very appealing to me, which make me think its more about how he moves and holds himself, and that makes sense, I am often way more interested in how people hold themselves and what they do with their body, rather than the body itself. Perhaps I can hold myself to this standard more often. Ah wait! Here's a decent one where he looks british and way more suave than usual, but whatever, he's on the right: http://img175.imageshack.us/img175/5798/esquirep7vd7.png
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My favorite time to be in the car is the 12 o'clock hour, because the DJs at the chicago hip-hop stations actually play....hip-hop. Like random mixes of isht that makes me so unbelievably happy. Today I was at O'Hare to pick up [livejournal.com profile] wearemany and they wouldn't let me park, but they couldn't stop me from going 2 mph around the terminal until she got done picking up her luggage. In that time, they mashed Got Your Money into The Jump Off (which didn't totally work, but I liked the effort and I like both songs). They played The Choice is Yours. They also played G-Dep's Special Delivery which almost made me crash the car. And right when I pulled up to the curb, it was Ghost Showers.

Tonight at work they're serving pizza for dinner, including one with ham and pineapple and fresh mozzerella and I swear the pineapple 'pieces' are whole slices taken out of the can. When I walked out of the breakroom, I passed the mandatory poster of heimlich maneuver instructions. Underneath, someone had taped up a picture of this woman with a post-it note that said "OR! Get a Golden Retriever!" It made me laugh.

Day Two of the Three Week Writing Challenge is complete. I know its kinda random to mention it here, since I haven't explained what the challenge is, but it's intentional.
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I think my favorite part of the song "One Night Only" from Dreamgirls is how she makes the phrase "big baby" work as a seductive taunt.

Speaking of one night only, I'm DJing this Thursday for FKA. At Big Chicks (5024 N. Sheridan). It officially starts at 9, but come at 10. There's no cover. That's right - FREE. I'm sharing music spinning duties with DJ Reaganomix, which means I get to dance with you, if you show. The theme is "The Future" but there's no costume enforecement, it just means I'll probably play a song about robots. And even though I still don't have a myspace page (and at this point, I might just never will), the event does, so click here to see a cool flyer with my name on it.
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Actually, no, if [livejournal.com profile] sharkysmachine asked me to, I just might change my mind and do a meme.

one of those pick-a-song-that-corresponds-with-something-vaguely-biographical memes )

your turn.
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I went to Chances last night after work. It was my first time, and probably the least-attended Chances in its history, but I had bloody brilliant time because the music was practically tailor-made for me. And I was looking cute in my tight t-shirt and new spring fedora (it's that bendable straw weave, pale green, with a yellow band). They changed DJs about every 20 minutes or so, which was good and bad, though mostly good. I danced for about half an hour during the Nelly Furtado-Missy Elliot-Ciara-style set that also included, um, Thong Song. I went a little crazy when it started. Because I recently put that on a mix and I've been dancing around to it in the past week. When that song was everywhere in 2001, I rarely danced to it, because I was DJing more than I was on the dance floor. It really is so ridiculous, but c'mon, the end, when there's a key-change and the synthesized strings swell and he's singing about thongs the way gospel singers sing about Jesus. I live for that isht.

That set ended with Chaka Khan's "Ain't Nobody" which is one of my favorite choices for the opening credits of my movie when I'm walking up from the subway. I took a break from dancing and we went back upstairs to people watch and smoke. I almost got dancing again when this one dude played Double-Dutch Bus, and I was wishing so bad that [livejournal.com profile] thebrownhornet was there, but the DJ was doing a terrible time at beat-matching -- which, I am not good at, so I do not generally do it, but I still think I could do better than him. I mean, he was awkwardly bad, like super-killing the mood, not just a brief few seconds of off-kilter snares. He ended his set with Kurtis Blow's "The Breaks" and the next woman came on and perfectly blended that isht into Madonna's Lucky Star. I mean, I don't even like Madonna (mostly because I've heard all of her songs approximately 3,000 more times than I need to) but it made me excited to hear. The DJ was all about 80s, which is not my thing, but she was perfectly dressed the part in a real way, not an overblown comic way, and she was spinning 80s songs that aren't as played out -- lesser known Janet Jackson songs, and then ending her set with Wham's Everything She Wants, which is, um, my favorite Wham song. I really only have that one, though sometimes when I've been drinking, I'll sing every single word of Careless Whisper. So I danced to that on our way out the door. And then explained in the car ride home to DYA about my fondness for british pop songs about working-class pain, including a line by line dissection of Pulp's Common People as well as my experience in seeing the musical Blood Brothers.

It was a fun spontaneous night, but damn if I don't feel kinda run down today, going out on a Monday night and coming home at 1 am. I didn't even drink.

Also, if one year ago, you would have told me that Nelly Furtado would be the new Beyonce, i.e. the person whose song you could play to drive tons of folks to the dance floor, I would have called you all kinds of crazy.
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The problem with eating good cheese and apples for breakfast is the association makes me want wine and it's just too early for that if I'm going to get anything done today. I'm eating these things because 1) it is delicious, duh, and 2) for some reason even the thought of making toast (which much be done on the oven with the broiler) feels like too much work this morning. I just want to insert the food into my mouth.

I'm attempting to return a bottle of wine to the store today because it was corked. This is the first time I have experienced it and even though I sort of knew it was happening while I was opening it, not just after smelling/tasting it, I still kept going thinking, hmmm, maybe it's just a musty wine? Cause it's so old, going all the way back to....2003? It wasn't very tasty, or at least the tastiness had some funk on top of it, but it also wasn't as vile as I imagined corked wine to taste.

I made another playlist. Its Friday. Its time for a little deathmatch. I'm one of the few people who gets misty-eyed listening to these songs, because it makes me miss [livejournal.com profile] thebrownhornet like a mtherfcker. Though I bet Cappadonna cries too. But for different reasons.
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So, my post last night about fa antasy valentine date? Well, I made a soundtrack. You can listen for free!

Don't judge. You know if some white hipsters made an internet faux documentary about these songs a la Yacht Rock, you'd be all over it.

Oh god. Dear white hipsters, please stay far away from this idea.

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