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orange dawn
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I don't mean to rub it in, but there are some pictures of tropical locations on my flickr that I took last week. You can click on the tag "miami" to see them all easily. This one is from the sunrise on the last day.
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I really want to make love to this man.

This is my imaginary boyfriend, Jay Smooth of illdoctrine.com.

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Tonight after getting home from work, I decided I needed to walk six blocks over to the other side of our bit of neighborhood and document something we've passed twice in the car. It is a bit alarming when you turn onto Wellington and there appears to be a person lit up in the window of a front porch. Then you realize its not a person, but a statue. Then you realize that statue is.....Christ on crutches?

who is that on the front porch?

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I don't have to make a post about myself at Sidekicks, because Liza already made one for me! And it uses pictures and videos, not silly words like I would. Because really, you can't always capture that isht with nouns and verbs.

Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] vfc, for the post, and for being the one who said "hell yes" on Friday morning when I e-mailed you about spontaneously going.

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