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The hysteria around "Somail pirates" has never sat well with me, but I never knew concretely why. Luckily, [livejournal.com profile] fightingwords is on my friends page and posts things to help clarify.
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I'm not totally feeling the first half as much, because I don't totally agree about the 'founding principles' aspect of patriotism, or whether patriotism is even ultimately a positive thing, BUT, I dig the second part about us being humans and always trying to do better.

I rescheduled therapy for later so I could be home watching pre-Inauguration coverage and the Inauguration itself. I like participating in cultural moments along with hundred of millions of other people worldwide.

Charles Gibson has gotten so weird in his colloquialisms and 'observations'. And Diane Sawyer isn't drunk....yet. Maybe just tipsy. Of course, these are the reasons I'm watching.
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Um, the governor of my state just got arrested. I'm kinda glad I didn't vote for that "ability to recall" referendum, this might not have happened!
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I know, I know, I seem to only be posting links this week, but what can I say? Everybody's already talking and saying things in ways I want to support.

So, are you really mad about Prop 8 and the money funneled into the campaign by the Mormon church? [livejournal.com profile] tommie_angel posted easy instructions on how to hit back in a constructive and painful way that could last much longer than the legal battle regarding the constitutional amendment: Help get their IRS status revoked. It seriously took me 2 minutes to print everything out and send.

ETA: And for those wondering if I'm being too hard on Dan Savage and others with similar 'outrage', here's some evidence of where that line of thinking is leading people.

Also, they made a someecard just for me!

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We're watching season two of 30 Rock at home, which just came out on DVD on netflix, and last night was one of my favorite lines (though that is a contest I don't really want to have in regards to that show). Tracy has gotten back together with his wife Angie and to keep him from cheating, she's following him everywhere and also managing all creative control of him on the show, saying they no longer want to perpetuate any black stereotypes. Liz Lemon says, "well, he's playing Barack Obama in another sketch" and Angie says, "no, we support Kucinich."

I supported Kucinich in the primary. I might even vote for McKinney, depending on my mood in a few weeks, since Illinois is obviously going to go to Obama. Compared to the Harvard man, both of these people are a little, um, nuts. I'm not ignorant. I'm not even without shame. I am often more of a pragmatist, I have to be to love the drama of national party politics the way I do. Do I want Obama to be our president? Of course. Do I think there will be an Obama-led revolution1? Hell no. Do I think there are lots of racist mtherfckers who will never vote for him? Yes. Do I think that explains every reason he might not win? No. Here are a few more concrete ones why he might not pull it off. 2 And why people like me aren't necessarily 100% excited to vote for him. And why Obama should be paying attention to this if he wants to win the election.

Please pay close attention to the footnote about liberals voting solely on cultural issues just as much so as the pro-life gun-toting creationist do. Hello, how much did we love Clinton even though he destroyed welfare and bombed children in Iraq and signed a federal law to ban gay marriage. Not to be all debbie-downer in a period of questionable morale, but what can I say? I don't own any stocks and I don't own a home, so I don't really have anything to freak out about. I am probably not alone. I guess I feel like, I can do both -- I can watch the debates and follow the strategy and participate in the race.....and I can be critical about what it really means in the longterm as well. And lately, I've been lazy on this latter part. I know, I know, let's just get him elected and then we'll deal with it, but what can I say except: I don't believe you.

1:thanks, [livejournal.com profile] anjiyama.
2: thanks, [livejournal.com profile] jettison.
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I just heard a Barack Obama radio ad at work....my officemate listens to the country music station. That made me weirdly happy, like when I went to the wal-mart in small town Wisconsin this spring and saw his autobiography on their store bestseller list.
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Confession: I kinda like Mike Huckabee. I mean, not in a way that I want him president, but I would love to go to karaoke with him, he would crack me up all night and would sing really gay duets with me all in a very good-natured way. Then at the end of the night, instead of a kiss he'd tell me he'd pray for me.

Anyway, so I'm listening to the RNC on the radio at work, and I'm coming and going doing some tasks in the copy room and I thought Mike was about to talk and I came in and listened and was really bothered by how bullshitty Republican he sounded. Like, it was extra ridiculous. Saying that the Supreme Court was liberal because they gave Guantanamo Bay prisoner's consitutional rights, etc. I was so crushed. And then he ended and the announcer said "that was Mitt Romney." Oops. That it explains it.

Ok, now my goofball christian boyfriend is talking.

ETA: Omg, right after I hit post, he made a bad joke involving madonna and costume changes. So gay.

ETA2: When we're hanging out, I would try to get him to say "Europeans" all the time and everytime buy him another whiskey.

Also, will someone please stop the Republicans from saying they are the party of Lincoln? Um, no you're not. It all got switched around in the 20th century, you aren't the same party.

ETA3: That story he told about desks being earned? I totally read that in a chain e-mail forward a few years ago.
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I present Why McCain's VP Pick is Pretty Brilliant (Remix): We're all talking the hell out of her, aren't we? Obama who? Hell, I bet the pregnant teenage daughter was a selling point.

In Other News, I'm not really sure why the spirit moved me this way, but yesterday while grocery shopping, I decided to buy a box of Pinwheels. I don't know if I like them. My father loved them and I was frightened and disgusted by them as a child, but I also hated most marshmallow things. Lately I've been craving these brownies that my mom used to make that involved putting a layer of mini-marshmallows on the top of the brownie batter, then drizzling chocolate over it and baking (this was the only form of marshmallows I loved). The pinwheels will probably pale in comparison to those homemade goodnesses. But I'm going to open them and eat them when I finish this novel draft. I'm very very close, but I needed an extra carrot to hang on the stick. Speaking of, time to get on that.

Mmmmmmm, you will be mine soon.
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First off, he didn't do it for us pinko confirmed-Obama voters (i.e. most everyone on my friends page and facebook).

And, I'm not really sure he did it to steal Hillary voters. He might get a few, but I think that's just a possible beneficial side effect.

Here's what I see happening with the GOP.

McCain doesn't give a crap about the conservative evangelical population. And they know it. And him picking someone to appease them is kind of a waste. Because I think that voting bloc turns out for votes, but I don't think they're turning out that much money proportionally speaking. (That would be corporations and lobbying.) Don't get me wrong, I know they give, but I think the numbers who will STOP giving even though their Romney/Huckabee isn't on the ticket is pretty low. The ones that DO turn out the money, they are always going to vote for the GOP anyway. AND, it might a brilliant strategic move for the GOP to sort of shun them a bit, because they will throw MORE money at the GOP to try and win them over to vote their way. In essence, after 8 years of having them in the club, now they are trying to make the conservative evangelicals be to the GOP what the gays/progressives are to the Democrats. Are they going to lose the fringe votes? Sure. Are those fringe people the ones who are really, really rich and powerful? No. So fck 'em.

Obama picked Biden, an old school Democrat who can shoot off his mouth like McCain and has working class white dude clout and experience to help him out. He rounded out his weakness. McCain can now follow suit without fear of criticism, picking someone whose fresh eyes and young and articulate and represents "change". I mean, by virtue of being a woman, that is radical enough. Never mind the facts of her positions. People see it as balancing out -- well, she can't be THAT conservative, she's a woman! I mean, she's not Ann Coulter or Phyllis Schafly, those are anomalies. This is more like Condoleeza Rice territory. But anyway, McCain gets the best of both worlds -- a young woman, who pro-life, pro-death penalty. pro-oil, pro-money, anti-corruption as long as the corruption is defined as money taking away from their corporate schemes. Just like McCain tries to be the best of both worlds -- I'm a free-thinking independent maverick and votes with Bush 90% of the time. People like the best of both worlds, its a sense of balance. Hence Obama picking Biden.

The other thing I see happening is that the GOP realizes, oh isht, Obama's message is working. People want change. They want fresh faces and rejuvenation. So we can't pick Ridge or Lieberman. (Well, there are other reasons too for not picking Lieberman, but whatever.) This is one part about McCain's pick that made me happy (they are realizing that people ARE responding to Obama, so it must be true) and upset (oh fck, he just made a brilliant powerplay because the mtherfcker is actually paying attention).

She is a self-proclaimed "hockey mom". She's married and got all these kids. She's kinda hot (in that sexy sitcom mom way that is very popular). She speaks well. She makes McCain seem more appealing when standing next to him. They aren't trying to just dip into Hillary voters, they are trying to take from the Oprah/The View/Today show pool of middle-class, middle-america white ladies. They are looking to keep their confirmed voters where they are, so they aren't in danger of being swayed by the change message of Obama (see, McCain has change too!) and they are looking to take all the wafflers, the white guys and white ladies who maybe don't love Bush, they see that things are messed up, but they aren't quite sure they can vote for a black man, but then they feel guilty about NOT wanting to vote for a black man, but hey, wait, I can still be open-minded, I'm voting for a woman!

Don't get me wrong, I don't think McCain's decision is going to create some sort of landslide shift over to his side. *touches wood furiously* But I think its a mistake to underestimate what he's doing.
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I'm weirdly wildly curious about Hillary Clinton's speech tonight at the convention. I might be setting myself up for a punch in the gut. Like going out for a drink with an ex when you think enough time has passed, but they turn out to be still really bitter and a little crazy about the breakup.

I say that as someone who has been on both sides of this scenario.

ETA: I raced home on my bike and walked in the door and immediately turned on the tv and there she was, in an orange suit (my favorite color!) introducing herself. And you know what? She did pretty fcking alright.
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I had a really stellar time this past weekend, it was packed with a balanced array of hanging out with various friends, being outside, eating tasty snacks, being at home, hanging out with DYA, cooking, even writing. I've been writing a lot, I'm on a self-imposed deadline which is partly why I haven't been writing here. I'm not sure I'm going to make the deadline, but I will get as close as possible. Also, last week, about 6 days into my antibiotics, I spent almost an entire day outside in the hot humid sun, and shortly after a rash appeared, mostly on the inside of my arms but with a few splotches on other body parts, including my right temple and around my eye, a few spots on my belly, and a few surrounding the giant scaly thing on my left calf that is an infected bug bite. Now, all this means that every time I sit down to write here, all I can think about is how obsessed I am with this rash and my amateur diagnoses from copious googling. I was mostly sure it was a reaction to antibiotics, that I'm mildly allergic to penicillin as well as the sun exposure. But today, after breakfast, I decided that actually I got west nile virus from the bug bite. This would also explain the fever and aches and chills and swollen lymph nodes of two weeks ago. But the prognosis for either west nile virus or antibiotics allergy is basically....wait it out. Seriously. Apparently west nile virus isn't actually that bad in most people -- 80% of people who have it are asymptomatic. And if anyone tells me to go to a doctor, I will crack my elbow into your skull, even if you live in another state. It is on my plan of action for later in the week to go to a dermatologist if things don't change, but I have no inclination to run to one immediately and have more prescription medications assigned to me. Especially since I do have a history of getting rashes/hives after being sick with infections (its just been so long since I had one, I forgot). Luckily the the rash doesn't itch too terribly, the weather is cooling off and I can even possibly wear long sleeves if I'm too self-conscious about it.

Last night at work, after radio silence for a week, I got bombarded with isht to do. I put the radio on NPR to listen to the democratic convention. The main correspondent kept doing this thing while interviewing people, where they would say something and she would "huh", in this slightly high pitched way that seemed to indicate a cross-between "huh, I never thought of that!" or "huh, you sound like a crackpot and I don't believe you." So she sounded either completely ignorant or completely condescending, depending on the "huh". She really needs to break that habit.

And while Michelle Obama's speech was nice and all, Ted Kennedy was the story that interested me more. Because I might not agree with everything Uncle Teddy has done in his life, but damn if he hasn't spent every moment living his passion, which is for politics. When he said he would be there on the senate floor in January for Obama's swearing in, I got a little choked up, at either the prospect of him fighting hard to sustain himself that long, or at the prospect of him dying before that can happen, but he'd probably go down while sitting there attending some vote he wanted to make sure would go through.

Ok, I'm a sap. I'll stop now. Maybe I should just go back to talking about my rash.
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[livejournal.com profile] sebastian6 posted this youtube clip that was a spliced together montage of FOX news and CNN reporting on all the talking points ad nauseum regarding the Scott McClellan book, and then I got all stupidly excited about reading the book, and went to the Chicago public library site which has an updated section where you can log in and monitor your account, find out when books are due, if you have late fees and how much, and now you can place books on hold electronically. So, I went to see if the book was on the shelf at any branch first (I did this yesterday and found the James Frey new novel at a library branch 2 miles away I didn't even know existed, because the only thing better than going to the library is going to an unvisited library!!) and apparently Scott's book isn't in the system. I googled around and most places said released on May 28, but Amazon says June 29 and I'm about to wonder if there's some intentional campaign around it all, when I suddenly realized, wait, I don't really need to read this book. I was reading all the investigative reporting at the time (like, the real kind) and listening to Randi Rhodes a lot, so there's nothing he'll say I won't know, I'm betting, its just that there's the "legitimacy" of him saying it. So add that book to the list of "Texts I'm Glad Exist in the World as Part of the Discourse But I Don't Need to Read for My Personal Journey". I know there are others on this list, but now I'm blanking. Probably a lot of LGBT memoirs.

Speaking of politics, Senator Clinton is going to 'give a major speech' tonight and I hope its the speech that needs to happen, the one I had in mind when I recently wished that close friends of hers would lock her in a room with a pad of paper and some pencils and tell her to make it happen. I have to say, I'm hopeful in my heart, but I wouldn't necessarily bet on it with my wallet. I've always been one who is carefully aware of not staying too long at a gathering/event/party/conversation, I avoid trying to drag things out and force moments to go longer than they realistically are. I'm much better about this in social capacities, or seeing it in other people -- I'm less good at it about important real decisions in my personal life (when to quit jobs, when to end relationships, when to move houses, etc. though I do still say that even staying too late is obviously the lesson I"m supposed to learn), so I actually have lots of empathy for her staying on so long because she obviously wanted this real badly. Which is why I feel strangely loving while also desperately annoyed that its still going on at all. Its vacation time, we want a break from homework. Congress goes into recession like 5 times a year. Why can't the campaigns do it too? Its summer reruns season, leave us alone.
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I'm back from San Francisco! And its almost the weekend. That is the way to time your travel. The only downside to the trip was its brevity, yet there was a certain elegance in having squeezed in so many guest appearances within such a short period, especially since they were all paired with great meals or snacks. My favorite might be the indonesian restaurant on Sunday night in Richmond, but really, its only by a hair that it wins. I hit my favorites: Maxfield's, Bombay ice cream, Twin Peaks. I finally ate at The Sausage Factory. There was brunch as 2223 Market (aka No-name) and on the last night there was bbq from the stand across the street from [livejournal.com profile] limenal whose name I've forgotten, but after we ate the brisket and links, we walked around the corner to Memphis Minnie's to try their pulled pork, so it was a bbq taste-test feast, aka, pork for dessert. There was also the work of [livejournal.com profile] drinkasyoupour, the lovely homemade chicken and tart and shortcake for our Delores Park picnic. SF is definitely a good town for eating and books. And people. At least the ones I know. I have pictures to upload tomorrow.

This morning I had a bodywork appointment and she did lots of craniosacral therapy on me, which was weird but awesome. Afterwards I felt a bit like I'd undergone a deep visualization/contemplation while stoned. My body felt a bit like pudding, and I was ravenously hungry, so going to the grocery story afterwards was kind of odd -- I wanted to try everything, but I spent a lot of time contemplating it first, which luckily meant I managed to not put everything in the cart that caught my eye.

Work was totally dead, so I decided to cut out early and made it home just as the season finale of Lost started. I know some people are over Lost now, but between obsessing over it with [livejournal.com profile] blondestallion and [livejournal.com profile] dommeyourass, as well as after reading this site on the Time Loop Theory, I am enjoying it. Well, I guess I'm not enjoying it anymore since I probably have 5 months without it. We're also only one episode away from the season/series finale of The 4400. I've been reading the comic book series Y: The Last Man. Lately I'm all about the sci-fi. And handwriting journal entries for myself so I suppose I'm less inclined to blab it all here. But its been 8 years, I know the ebbs and flows. Hell, tomorrow I'll probably write one big mammoth long detailed post that includes stories about naked making out, the recent influx of media interest in China, kindness of strangers, spiritual re-thinking, asexuality, self-worth as tied into productivity and work and capitalism, and how badly I really wish someone would lock Hillary Clinton in a room with a pen and pad of paper to write her concession speech and end this constant media saturation that's making me nuts (I'm not speaking as an Obama-lover or a Clinton-hater, only as an innocent bystander). Well, I guess that last part is covered I have nothing more to say. The rest of it, who knows, but I'm here and I'm reading and to quote [livejournal.com profile] anjibobanji, I love everybody!
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I woke up and its 1987?

I joke, but this actually makes me livid. Probably because I was working at Lambda back when this same issue was brought up in Ohio and thankfully, that court ruled in favor of SCIENCE and not panic, fear and loathing. Though maybe that was an appellate court, and not a trial jury.

Let's all say it together three times, let's rewire our brains together -- you cannot transmit HIV by saliva.
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Last week when I was home sick all day, my favorite activity, when not sleeping, was drinking tea and playing live games of scrabulous while listening to Rachel Maddow's show. Now, I'm happy that she got a two-hour show with a good time slot because I know that means its a promotion, but I actually prefer her previous 1-hour show, because really, the new show is the same show but with more ranty-voice emphasis on things and an added interview with a guest. The interviews never tell me a damn thing, even when its someone I am mildly intrigued by, and I actually prefer Rachel when she used the economy of timed language in news-reporting to say so much more then just...flat-out ranting about it, I guess. Anyway, my other favorite thing was to be home at 6 pm so I could watch the Jim Lehrer news hour, which always makes me think of Ms. Verge/FKA because that is her favorite news program ever and even when I visited her in Hoboken once, we had to go home and watch it, before going back out for our evening social activities. So all this news-watching got me all caught up on issues that had been neglected during the holiday month and travels and whatnot, but at some point I just was way oversaturated with the primaries and now I just feel like, ugh, wake me up for super Tuesday, I'm happy to remain willfully ignorant of all the ridiculous minutiae until then. I mean, I know what each candidate could possibly mean, and I know who I'm voting for (should they all still be running by the time Illinois rolls around), so really the only thing that interests me now at all is seeing how badly Giulani will fail during/after Florida. Which I guess is sometime next week. That sounds about right. I sometimes have to go on a news hiatus for my mental health, but its usually only a week or two and I manage to keep up with some things anyway. And besides, I will admit, my heart smiled a little when I read the headline on the elevator monitor on my way into work today that Fred Thompson dropped out of the race.
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On [livejournal.com profile] mintwaster's journal (and other places) there's been lively talk about all the Democratic candidates and then today, Bill Richardson dropped out (not that anyone has really been talking about him) but then I learned that Chris Dodd has dropped out too, after Iowa, I misssed that totally, which led me to Mike Gravel's wikipedia entry and this is my favorite part:

"At the start of 2006, Gravel decided the best way he could promote direct democracy and the National Initiative was to run for president. On April 17, 2006, Gravel became the first candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States in the 2008 election, announcing his run in a speech to the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Short on campaign cash, he took public transportation to get to his announcement."

[livejournal.com profile] mikegravel friended me on lj a couple months ago but I didn't add him back. No offense, Mike, we are 98% compatible on that quiz, but still. I was 100% compatible with Kucinich. 100%. That scared me a little. I mean, I like the guy a lot, he's getting my primary vote, but 100% with a politician, even on a random internet quiz is kinda odd.

Also, Mike Gravel? When I saw that head shot? I thought, that guy has totally answered my craigslist sex ad.*

*No, not really, in case you are confused by this joke, I'm not trying to start rumors, but you know, a guy who looks just like him. And no, to further clarify, I did not reply to it. Which is not to say I'm opposed to any demographic. Close readers might recall the time I kissed an 88 yo man at Twin Peaks at SF because he was utterly charming and attractive in that old gent way I adore and I hope to be his age and meeting my friends at midnight at a bar to have a drink.
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You know what's fcked up? I just went to create a google news alert with my grandmother's name and the Mississippi town where she lives, so I can find out when the obituary is published, because I don't trust my family to notify me until after the funeral. Except, I had already created one. There was no recent news that prompted this -- she hasn't been doing to well healthwise for a couple years now, and it's always on a steady decline, so it's sort of just a matter of time. But damm.

You know what else is fcked up? This morning I drove up to Evanston and listened to WLUW which plays Amy Goodman's Democracy Now in the morning. It's not my favorite show, I can't hear it every day (she's no Rachel Maddow), but it's way more interesting than anything on NPR or other news. So today was this guy who'd written a book on Donald Rumsfeld, and they're talking about his history, and how after working with the Ford administration (um, dude is old), he became head of Searle Pharmaceuticals. See, the Searle family were buddies of his, as fellow privileged rich north shore Chicago folks, and the company was starting to sink and go under, but they had created (accidentally) this artificial sweetener that they were calling aspartame and were trying to get the FDA to approve it. Except, studies showed it caused brain cancer so the FDA was saying no way. So they hired Rumsfeld as CEO with his politico connections to help get approval because they knew it would make them buckets of money. Except, see, Rumsfeld wasn't able to make it happen. He's no business man, he was a lobbyist, and apparently not even a good one of those. Well, not until Reagan got elected, and he booted out the head of the FDA and the new head of the FDA said, wait, it doesn't cause brain cancer, let's approve it.

Searle went on to sell its empire to Monsanto. And now we drink Diet Coke.

Well, not 'we'. I hate diet sodas. Because I don't like how they taste and I'm a paranoid freak about certain health things, like brain cancer, and the possible link to aspartame (this started in high school when my high school bio teacher taught us about the controversy). But I know lots of people who rely on it for caffeine intake or because they're diabetic, and that's just fcked up to have it peddled on us like it is.

Which reminds me of last night, and how I reached my own personal tipping point of these attorneys at work constantly making sarcastic comments about how 'healthy' the dinner is here. Now, don't get me wrong -- they aren't always the most balanced meals, but if you have moderate portions of the fried meat and large portions of salad and then maybe add a banana or apple that's usually lying around, you're doing okay, plus, really, they probably are eating out all the time at places that are no 'healthier'. It's really just anti-fat bullisht bias. Last night though, I just cracked. I had a half a plate of salad, half of plate of baked ziti, with a piece of garlic bread on top, and one of the attorneys walked by and said, "that looks healthy" (their sarcasm isn't even especially clever), and I'm like, mtherfcker, you go through two cans of diet coke in the last hour I see you, so you probably drink 5-6 cans a day, which is half a gallon daily of toxic aritificial chemicals. I am eating a plate of a food that a country in southern europe has been eating for centuries and they are alive and well and doing just fine.

Wow, I didn't realize how ranty I was feeling until I started typing.
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My subscription to the New Yorker finally runs out, and then they go and publish something interesting!

I know it's more complicated than this, but still, maybe now I'm ok with being one of the few people who is uninterested in watching the tv show 24.

I don't think that violent video games make people into violent people, and I don't think that a FOX television show makes soldiers into torturers. But, that doesn't mean, I personally can stomach watching torture in my entertainment. I could barely handle Alias, and that was practically cartoonish compared to 24. The article covers more than that though -- including info on a few of the 'secret' conservatives in Hollywood.

Or click here for the article: He loved Ronald Reagan’s “strength” and disdained Jimmy Carter’s “belief that people would be nice to us just because we were humane. That never works.”  )

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