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I was planning to go to Evanston today, but I had long, double-work days on Wednesday and Thursday, so I'm was already thinking to fck in advance. I woke up and there was more snow, so yes. Tomorrow instead. Except, I couldn't remember what the rules were about university library being open during certain hours, and if I would need my alumni card, and I looked it up on the website and found this: "The general public may gain access to the Library during the restricted hours only if they present an Infopass or letter of introduction." [emphasis mine]

How much do I want to write myself some fake letter of introduction? And maybe wear a special outfit to go with it??

Last night I finally lost the virginity I've been wanting to get rid of -- I watched episode one, season one, of The Wire. I've had the disc at the top of my netflix queue for over a month, it was always a "long wait". It finally came last week, but there wasn't a good time to watch it. Finally last night I decided, any time we watch it will become a good time, so I'm just putting it in -- no matter how tired from work and the week. Plus, the rerun of Sex and the City had been shown three thousand times, so I had the perfect opportunity. To be honest, I think I'm most excited about starting a show that's four seasons behind. Lately I've been getting into current shows, which is good for the occasional conversation and entertainment weekly article, but I'm not sure its worth it to give up instant gratification, as well as constant exposure to spoilers. I'm not even that hardcore anti-spoilers, its just when I'm constantly surrounded by commericals and talk and articles, the power of the show itself is lacking.

Speaking of tv, time to watch Ugly Betty while I eat breakfast.
ETA: Argh. Except Abc.com tricked me and the 3/01 episode for download is a rerun.
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My subscription to the New Yorker finally runs out, and then they go and publish something interesting!

I know it's more complicated than this, but still, maybe now I'm ok with being one of the few people who is uninterested in watching the tv show 24.

I don't think that violent video games make people into violent people, and I don't think that a FOX television show makes soldiers into torturers. But, that doesn't mean, I personally can stomach watching torture in my entertainment. I could barely handle Alias, and that was practically cartoonish compared to 24. The article covers more than that though -- including info on a few of the 'secret' conservatives in Hollywood.

Or click here for the article: He loved Ronald Reagan’s “strength” and disdained Jimmy Carter’s “belief that people would be nice to us just because we were humane. That never works.”  )
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So I've finally made it all the way to the most recent episode of Ugly Betty and I got to the end scene where Rebecca Romijn is unveiled and I just......could not stop saying "shut up shut up" over and over again. I am totally mortified. And completely curious. And scared for how this will play out on the show. And....just..... shut up.

I guess I can go back to writing now.

**Spoilers in the comments section, for those who are concerned of such things!**

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