Jan. 30th, 2004

raybear: (mr. lunch)
I'm hustling like crazy, in an attempt to make up for slow days on Tuesday and Wednesday and the non-day yesterday. Plus, I want to leave early and I actually asked permission to exit at 3:30 pm with a blessing rather than just skipping lunch hour and sneaking out at 4:30 pm, my usual method.

It's finally cold enough that I brought out my real winter jacket. The big down-filled ugly brown puffy thing. And gloves. Not that I wore them, as my jacket has these amazing pockets that are warm and soft and located close to my chest, but still. I never wear gloves and actually thought I didn't own any, but the zero degree temperatures finally convinced me. You know it's bad when you exit your apartment into the foyer and you feel the moisture in your mucuous membranes start to crystallize.

I'm very excited about Circuit tonight. Even the thought of spinning until 3:30 am can't bring me down. I'm ready to interact with people, even if it's in tiny doses through the DJ booth.

Enough internet, back to work.

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