Feb. 6th, 2004

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After a brief rocky start to my morning, I'm in a fabulous mood. The temporary crankyness was most likely induced from lack of caffeine and nicotine, paired with frozen fingers and toes from scraping a half-inch layer of ice off the car. Then I had coffee and I felt better. And when I got to the office and told the story to Next-Door Coworker, she said, "wait, WHY were you in a hurry to leave for work?" Yeah, good point.

Now I'm at work, with enough desk stuff to keep my busy all day and make the time go by quickly, and I'm getting myself excited about my evening plan. I'm so distracted thinking about it, all of it. It's fairly difficult to maintain a balance of preparation and openness. I definitely have specific plans. I just want to leave room not only for improvising on the spot but also accomodating our moods and desires, while also being control so it doesn't feel TOO open-ended and directionless. The scene and the evening will mostly be playful and sensual, and if more intense energy emerges, we can go with it, but I don't like the idea of trying to force it. I confess I'm probably a little gun-shy after my last scene planned didn't go exactly as expected, but I don't think I'm letting it detract me too much. The point is: yay for birthday/anniversary combo dates.

Thanks to folks answering yesterday's poll. A lot more people were in relationships than I realized. And so far about 1/3 of those answered checked the box "I can have sex with anyone I want." I guess I need to be more flirty in hopes that I can be that 'anyone'.

Today I pick up my watch and other last minute shopping. I'm nearing that point where it's getting extremely hard for me to keep secrets, so luckily I only have a few more hours.

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