Feb. 11th, 2004

raybear: (Wiley)
I arrived to work shortly after 8 am. Now is the approximate time I would be logging on to my computer after rolling into the office at 9:30, but instead I'm already anticipating a lunch break and going home. I guess that's the problem with starting your day early.

Last night I talked on the phone with [livejournal.com profile] thebrownhornet for damn near two and half hours, which I wouldn't have even noticed if my ear wasn't hurting from pressing the phone into it. Then I looked at the clock and realized why.

Afterwards I got distracted because I got a personal ad response from the hottest man on the planet. Seriously. Part of me wants to never interact with him just so my fantasy will never be tainted. But the larger part wants to bed him today, even if he does live in South Bend, Indiana. But I managed to pull myself off the computer and get some reading done.

I'd been in bed for about ten minutes when Lowenstein came home. She didn't come to bed for awhile so I fell asleep and was having some mundane dream when she crawled under the covers and confused me. Then I quickly sort of melted into her. The whole night I didn't sleep too deeply, as I recall lots of body entanglements and half-awake kisses and touching, but I don't feel tired today -- I feel like I slept for seven hours. Perhaps it was just rejuvenating in a different way. Since we don't have time together in the waking world because of scheduling, we make it in our sleep.

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