Feb. 14th, 2004

raybear: (Wiley)
Didn't make it to the prop house tonight as Next Door Coworker and Wifey didn't show up -- I suspect I unwittingly predicted a spousal spat earlier in the evening which did happen and they stayed at home. I had a great time anyway at Puquiz, even though I defected from my initial team which ended up winning the first prize. However, our team had the moral victory as we purchased no cheat cards. And apparently, me competing in a pubquiz tie-breaker arm-wrestling match last fall was NOT a one-time experience. Seriously. Too bad Liza wasn't able to come and photo this second one. Oh, and once again it was a tie. I need to work on whatever arm muscle is required to win an arm-wrestling match, because I have great defending strength, I just can't finish it. What is that, your forearm? Maybe I need to rent "Over the Top" to learn more techniques.

I still don't like the name of "Team Asshat", but I do truly love my teammates. Even though we were robbed. Or maybe because we were robbed. We could bond in our self-righteousness.

I played taxi driver for several folks afterwards and spent majority of the ride home with Moos. That one is such a lovely and beautiful enigma to me, but I always enjoy every second we happen to spend with each other. A nice ending to a social and fun but lowkey and non-debaucherous evening.

Tomorrow I read and write and read and write and read.
But now I snuggle up with the pup and sleep.

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