Mar. 4th, 2004

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In this moment, I have been reborn. My grad school packet is sealed and ready to drop in the mail (and I think my new story doesn't suck). The majority of the illness has seem to have left my body. I got a loving e-mail from my partner. I only have half a day of work left. Tonight I get to hang out with MelRo and Liza and play Trivial Pursuit. Tomorrow is Friday.

This morning I woke up early, before the alarm, but I was still fuzzy headed so I did a move that would make CoCo "proud". Yesterday I had made nearly a full pot of coffee and drank most of it. Today there were two cups left in the pot as well as yesterday's grounds, so I added two more cups of water and started the machine up again, mixing old reheated coffee with new second-run coffee. My "fresh" coffee was suprisingly not terribly. I think it helped that it started yesterday morning as fresh ground hazelnut-flavored, so today it was closer to Folgers freeze-dried, which can be good in it's own way. Usually only when drunk out of diner mugs late at night at Waffle House, but hey.

I think I got a dog so I can talk to myself aloud but not feel crazy because I pretend I'm talking to Sophie. I've been living alone for all of three and a half days, but I've gotten back into some of my habits of single living, including sleeping in the middle of the bed, leaving half-dirty clothes on the floor next to the bed and putting them back on right when I wake up, playing loud music that can be "enjoyed" from every room of the house, and most importantly, talking to myself. Yesterday's highlight conversation included a reference to "Sister Golden Hair surprise".

The only other excitement to report is that my new chaps have been shipped to me. They're scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday, but I'm hoping they arrive Monday before [ profile] dommeyourass gets home from Ireland, though I'm not sure why because it's not like I'm going to wear them to tango class.

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