Mar. 9th, 2004

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You know what makes me happy? Seeing [ profile] brucebanner's comments appear in my e-mail box. I love and miss that guy.

And as much as THAT makes me happy, know what makes me even happier? Going to sleep and waking up with [ profile] dommeyourass back in our bed. I got the manic rundown of the week in Ireland last night and then she passed out just before 9 o'clock. We didn't make it to tango class unless you count horizontal tango-ing in bed. I know, that was a cheesy line, but how could I resist?

I just tracked my package from UPS and it should arrive today. I know I won't be able to resist trying it on before I get home. I hope it will match perfectly with my new boots I purchased over the weekend. I actually got two pairs. On Saturday, I ran some errands before meeting Miss Rook for lunch and stopped in the Brown Elephant near Irving Park. I've never had much success there, partly because I'm spoiled by Village Thrift prices. (Suddenly six bucks for a shirt seems outrageous when I could get it for three.) But I browsed through their shoes and found a nice pair of Kenneth Cole boots (I'm also a brand whore when it comes to thrifting, though I'd never in a million years pay full price for the names), which sort of looked like gay army boots -- they are black, six inches tall, shiny, and with the horizontal line across the toe. They weren't exactly what I wanted in black boots, more faggy than leather daddy, but they fit, they were in great condition, and I figured for six dollars, at least I would have a pair of black boots until I could get around to finding "the ultimate pair." I also figured that according to the laws of the universe, if I bought this pair now, the ultimate pair would show up quickly.

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