Mar. 25th, 2004

raybear: (cranky)
I can't wake up. It's almost worrisome at this point. I hit snooze about three times this morning and every time I fell all the way back asleep in the seven minutes between. That doesn't really happen to me. So I called work and said I'd be late, then reset the alarm to give me another 40 minutes.

I almost just called in and took the day off, with plans to watch a movie or two, take a walk, do some writing. But then I remembered I need to make copies, buy stamps, renew a library book and do some research, all things that can easily and cheaply be done downtown. So here I am. But brain dead.

I wasn't awake when I made my sandwich for lunch. I wasn't awake when I walked Sophie. I wasn't awake when I rode in the car to the train station. I tried to wake myself up with my ipod and it even tried to help me by playing favorite songs all in a row, but here I am, unable to think coherently or focus, feeling like it's 6 am on a weekend morning with no coffee. Except it's Thursday, after 11 o'clock, and I just fixed my second cup of caffeinated beverage.

I did make those copies though. Now maybe I'll stumble to the post office and library.

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