Apr. 8th, 2004

raybear: (the moon)
On the Transsexual Scale (which measures the amount of tranny content in any medium, including a block of time), the past couple days have rated an 8. I'm looking forward to them going back down to their average daily level of 2.

trans stuff, but not necessarily mine! )

Last night I e-mailed off three queries (all pretty much the same, just tailored slightly to each publication) and a job application. Then I went and got my ass beat at Euchre, which wasn't exactly "fun", because even though I'm a pretty good loser, I prefer to at least have a sporting chance and enjoy myself in the process. But I was thinking as a brushed my teeth that I was the youngest in my family by a lot (my only brother is exactly 5 1/2 years older than I) and that means I was constantly the most losing player in any family game. But I always went back and paid close attention and would lose and lose and lose but each time figuring more out, until one day, the 11 year old beat the entire family at Scrabble. So last night definitely won't keep me from playing Euchre again. Especially since it reminds me so much of Spades, which I loved playing all through high school.

Today I'm going to work on some more submissions and research how to do that version of meditation where you hold a person you feel animosity towards in your heart and focus on lovingkindness and compassion. I seem to have a lot of negative and angry energy in my brain and heart lately and I'm not sure why, but it doesn't really feel like me.

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