May. 13th, 2004

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I listed my journal on Chicago Bloggers yesterday. So in a strange way of honoring this, I thought I would quote my new favorite alderman in the city, Richard Mell.

"If your child comes to you and tells you this and you really have a problem with it and it becomes a real issue, you really don't deserve to call yourself a parent...."

- From April 28th's Chicago Tribune, in an article discussing his gay daughter.

Maybe a little extreme, but I appreciate the sentiment being put out there. And reminded of how when I came out to my brother, and he said something how it took me 23 years to get used to my change, it might take him 23 years to get used to it. Wha? For an engineer, he's not the most logical and clear-thinking one.

On the walk home from the train yesterday, I started having another sneezing fit (ah, the onset of allergy season) and this woman from across the street called out "bless you!" to me. I think I blushed.

I might be jumping the gun in pimping this out since I haven't received the goods, but yesterday morning I placed an order at for a box of 100 syringes for $12. That's how much my prescription costs for 4 syringes. So I'm set for a couple years now. And I tracked the package via UPS and it's schedule to arrive tomorrow. I'll update if the package arrives and it's somehow inferior or problematic, but I wanted to pass along the resource. I'm not anticipating any problems though, since the site was passed on to me by the domme who conducted the play piercing workshop and it's where she gets her needles.

While we're on the topic of pimping, I want to link to this site giving the play-by-play of a blogger who's interviewed for a local FOX news piece, courtesy of [ profile] vfc. Which is also how I found out about Now this post has made a tidy full circle.

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