May. 21st, 2004

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And here I thought all this time I grew up in a hardcore suburb. facts on my high school in Atlanta )
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I was reading all these old entries from two, three years ago, and I swear there's a theme of me and needing alone time in May. Though it doesn't seem quite as critical today as it did in those old entries. I think I was partially depressed, in that parts of my life were good and great, but other parts were aimless and pointless. I'm not the most ambitious person I know, by any stretch of the imagination, but I certainly I'm not someone who likes to just float along in the world, not consciously directing my path. But that's what I did for awhile. Probably because that's exactly what I needed to do for awhile.

I have all these ideas for what I want to do after work, including but not limited to, cooking dinner, watching a movie, reading, organizing office, organizing clothes closet, discarding the mountain of cardboard boxes on the back porch.....but I suspect I might just fall asleep. Probably because that's exactly what I need to do for awhile.

Watching the clock isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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