Jun. 8th, 2004

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People magazine called me for a quote on Reagan's death. "I wish he had died before he was elected" is what I told them. I wonder what they will run.

--- Larry Kramer
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I'm amused every time I hear the radio version of Jay-Z's "99 Problems" because they bleep out "but a b!#ch ain't one", so I like to just insert in the blank whatever they hell fits in the moment.

Alright so this morning.....not my best work. But it happens. And there's still an afternoon and an evening and there's always tomorrow morning to try again. I haven't been very compassionate towards myself lately, truly compassionate, but you know, it's a busy time in my life right this second, so I'm going to get stressed out a little. I leave for my residency in just over a week, I have a few more days left in this job, I'm trying to line up work for next month, etc. etc. But you know, it's still not as bad as last June. Last year at this time I was sort of a wreck, going back and reading various journal entries and e-mails from the time, which I did yesterday. But again, you know, it happens. Life. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Last night the film noir group watched the movie Detour which is the film that kicked off the film noir movement with the first appearance of a femme fatale. And a crazy fcked-up scene involving "accidental" strangulation with phone cord. I came home and finished watched The Triplets of Belleville which I'd started Sunday night then went to bed. Surprisingly, my dreams were pretty mild. I remember reading an e-mail at one point, which is interesting to me because I used to suffer from the typical dream phenomenon of not being able to focus on written words in dreams, but I seem to have gotten over that. So much for that dreamsign.

[This entry was interrupted for an hourlong coffeebreak with [livejournal.com profile] vimandvigor to briefly discuss life "in between the livejournal entries".]

So I'm one of the few mofos who doesn't make jokes about the ridiculousness of suing McDonald's for various reasons, including the woman who got second-degree burns from coffee click here for details on why it's not as preposterous as one might think )
But I also theorize fast food companies could be sued for marketing their products as "food", when in reality, it is not. And no, people aren't being forced to buy and eat fast food, but the issue is more about information being witheld which influences consumers decision in choosing to buy and eat. Most people think that's a little out there and I admit it is. But today I read this: french fries may need label similar to cigarettes.

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