Jul. 26th, 2004

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I put on a new shirt and a favorite pair of pants and I had wheels on loan from Lowensten and off I went to Hidden Cove. I was not only one of the first people there, but one of the few who was actually singing. I kept asking other people what songs they would do, and they'd shake their heads. "You realize this is a KARAOKE birthday party at a KARAOKE bar, right?"

But soon partners in crime showed up and songs were sang and there was the beautiful moment where our group bonded with another group of karaoke celebrants, including a woman in a black thong, orange track pants, a Betty Boop airbrushed t-shirt who performed Clarence Carter's "Strokin" and included the Birthday Girl's name as a personal touch. And Ms. Verge's college friend is a real singer who did slamming versions of Lady Marmalade and Boogie Oogie Oogie.

Early on in the evening, Miss Rook walked through the door. She was there with other friends, funnily enough -- we had already seen each other earlier that day at temple and brunch. But she stayed later and I drove her home. Then I went back to the bar to close down the party, driving home BreadLoaf, Stranger, and Ms. Verge. I came home late, after a long walk from the car parked far away, and crashed on the couch in true bachelor fashion.

They did NOT have England Dan and John Ford Cooley's "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight", which disappointed me. I sang the following karaoke numbers [* were duets]:

Queen of Hearts
Wuthering Heights (not recommended for karaoke, but done as a birthday favor)
Tiny Dancer
The Boy is Mine*
Say Say Say*
On My Own*
Islands in the Stream*
Forget About D.R.E.

Yeah, I did Forget About D.R.E. And in case I wondered about how well I know this song, performing confirmed that backwards and forwards is about right.

Next time I need to do more Todd Rundgren. Also, All Cried Out.

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