Jul. 29th, 2004

raybear: (hip hop)
I went to the store to get milk and cream and ended up wandering the aisles to pick up the inevitable strange mix of other items on sale, in this instance, pickles and salsa. I also bought myself a treat that was also on sale -- a soda, specifically one of the Jarritos variety. Normally I get mandarin, but occasionally I'll get the fruit punch or the grapefruit one that tastes like Fresca except with real sugar. Today I tried a new flavor: Jamaica.

I have never been to Jamaica. But if this soda is any indication, I'm not sure I'll be going. Actually, it's not bad, it's just strange. Sort of like an herbal fruit tea -- with sugar and carbonation. Next time I'm feeling bold, I'll get strawberry.

While I'm "reviewing" random items, I will also mention the following songs have been playing heavily on my computer. I don't know how they got there. I guess magic, because I don't engage in anything illegal when it comes to music.

The Postal Service "Against All Odds"
Robbie Williams "Supreme"
Lil Kim "Jump Off (Tomekk remix)"
Angie Stone "Holding Back the Years"
Bjork "So Broken"
Madvillain "Great Day"
Phoenix "Everything is Everything"
The Roots "Guns are Drawn"

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