Aug. 1st, 2004

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I could crack jokes, I could offer serious analysis, but in the end, this article has so many jump-off points, I will only share.

Bush on prescription drugs for erratic behavior.' )
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I'm starting to fully manifest what the bell on my handlebars says: I [heart] my bike. On Friday we overslept through the alarm, but I still got up in time to psyche myself up to riding my bike up to Andersonville to have lunch with Educating Esme. I rode mostly along Damen, that way if I got overtired, I could just hop on the bus (a suggestion I stole from Lakenaiad!). But I did it with no real problem. I had a lovely lunch and conversation, then headed back home.

Along Foster, near California, my left pedal came completely off, or rather the arm connecting the pedal. I found the missing screw and temporarily fixed it to keep riding. I mean, I was a long way from home at this point -- of course this wouldn't happen outside one's house. I stopped temporarily to chat with Liberte and Jennie Mutation at the corner of Western, then kept going, only to lose the pedal again. This time, I nearly lost the screw, but I scoured the curb and located it again. I decided to ride primarily on the sidewalk so i wouldn't get killed my passing traffic if it happened again. I also stopped and got off my bike every four block to tighten it. I rode past my house and right to the bike shop, where I ran into Louche and saoP. After getting my baby back with a new part, I rode home to prepare for Kingdom Come.

I was a little nervous before the gig, because I realized I hadn't done a full seven hour set in several months and feared I'd be out of practice. But I ended up having a great night, with the help of seeing some favorite folks on the floor shaking their ass and other sexy parts. We got home sometime after 4 am and unfortunately I was very cranky and angry because I was underpaid. Again. (I already contacted the manager to get it straightened out and I should get the difference this week.) It helped to take a shower and climb into bed naked with someone else naked, even just to drift off to sleep.

I got up around noon and met Freakysparks for a little apartment shopping (not for me) and a brief tour of the circle of the Square and then brunch at the infamous Lula's. I headed back home for exciting things like sweeping and tub scrubbing and laundry. Later in the evening we made it over to the Turtle's birthday which was yummy and chill. And there was a cake shaped like a turtle!

Today I got up and biked to temple for meditation. The dharma talk was much-needed As was the morning ride. The love affair with the bike is continuing. I know, I know, I'm in the honeymoon stage right now and I'm sure I'm boring my friends with excessive talk and soon reality will set in (though Friday's pedal debacle was sort of like a first fight).

Now I'm veg-ging out after working on schoolwork before cutting my hair, getting dressed and heading out for a dinner date.

Hmm, maybe I put off writing about my weekend because I knew it'd be more boring than the events themselves. Too late. But here's my weekly horoscope. It's all about money. Not necessarily in a good way. I didn't really need the planets to tell me that.

this week for Cancer )

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