Aug. 9th, 2004

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Thanks to the that big fag [ profile] girlfiction for reminding me how much I love this Dar Williams song. I now have a new soundtrack for my morning.

weekly horoscope )

Um, yeah, 'lots to get my teeth into'? That's not sexual. Also, I think it's funny this horoscope for next Sunday, since yesterday fit into that description pretty well.

In the continuing "I'm addicted to my bike and will keep talking about it" chronicles, I got up early yesterday and biked to temple. It's a lovely ride -- not too long, but long enough to get the blood pumping. The exhileration is both good and bad for sitting. Mostly good. Listening to my heart thump and blood rush sometimes keeps my mind more quiet. Yesterday I had two horrible sittings -- usually I'll have one good, one bad, and okay, I should not even be assigning these words that denote positive or negative judgment, but what I really mean is my mind was racing both times and I don't think I ever had more than a second of peace. But them's the breaks. Not every sitting is great, that's why they call it a practice, right? I still felt good afterwards and perhaps had more of a moment of zen on my bike going home. But not in the Daily Show way.

Last night I saw Dodie read at Myopic: she was fcking critic's choice in the Reader click here for the mention )
So this should help convince you all to come to the Finger next Sunday and see her read there.

It was sort of weird to see her in my town, out of context, but a good reading and I met some nice folks, some stranger than others. Afterwards I was feeling a bit socially awkward and overwhelmed and my ride was showing up eventually, so I left the after-reading drinks at the Pontiac to get a slurpee at 7Eleven and sat on the baseball diamond in the park and talked on the phone for nearly an hour, first to Chocolate Banana in L.A. (ok, her nickname is a little obscene, but it fits), then to ex-ex-QCL. Then Please Please Wait (who has a livejournal that he's keeping secret from me) picked me up and off we went downtown to the swanky queer club where I ate olives and drank free drinks and ripped a huge hole in my jeans giving a lapdance. The hole came in handy later.

I really need to finish this book review and send it today. Then I might just spend the rest of my day in boxers doing all my reading. Tomorrow I'm supposed to hear back from the job, so I appreciate any and all good supserstitious and positive energy from everyone. Thanks.

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