Aug. 28th, 2004

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Yesterday afternoon/evening, I biked Critical Mass for the first time. Even though several of my friends have done it in the past, it was really [ profile] lakenaiad making it a birthday occasion that boosted me over the edge of participating. We didn't bike the whole route -- before turning off to Cabrini Green to get pelted by rocks, we instead went west and got water and food and I spent half of the dinner squinting and leaning into [ profile] loosethread's personal space in an attempt to hear. We were in a noisy bar/restaurant, plus I was at the end of the table, plus I think I was tired which made it hard for me to focus. I was refueled and pedaled home and then I was unable to move. I needed a hot bath for my muscles and joints, but I also needed a cool shower to clean up and refresh. I almost did both, but that was too much, so I just showered. Then I crashed on the couch because I couldn't move or put on clothes and went to sleep early and slept for a loooong time. At least for me. I think I slept 9 1/2 hours, which is much more than my usual 7.
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