Sep. 2nd, 2004

raybear: (mr. lunch)
I swear I keep lowering the shades but in the morning they seem higher, always higher than the bright 7 am hot sun streaming into my face. I needed to get up to translate poetry anyway. Ugh. But now I'm done for the week which means if I can't find internet access all weekend, I won't fail my class.

Yesterday I spent an hour getting stenciled and three hours getting inked and it's not done. It was an enjoyable experience, even if the come down afterwards was pretty hard. While getting tattooed, I realized that I have a pretty high pain tolerance, I'm just not a masochist. In other words, I can take a fair amount of pain -- I just don't want to. It's more enjoyable for me to have a small amount of pain for a sustained amount of time.

The tattoo is a work-in-progress, much like the rest of my body. I'll have to wait until October to get the rest done, but it's not like I regularly or easily whip my shirt off anyway. I know a lot of people want to see it, especially since it was partially funded by so many of my lovely friends who contributed to the birthday box at my party, but it's going to be on my body for awhile, so what's a few more weeks/months?

Off to upload roadtrip playlists to the ipod and then shower and then pack and then clean out the car and then fill up the car.....

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