Oct. 13th, 2004

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My school packet is mostly complete. I could push it forward and mail it today, but I'd rather take a nap and finish it up this evening after a couple re-reads, mailing it tomorrow morning. I also slept pretty well and for a long time. So, I'm happy the hotel room writer's retreat was a success. I was watching some television this morning while eating breakfast and hotel cable is such a strange combination of networks, news, sports, TNT, and HBO. Occasionally MTV, but not on this one. I did however catch a glimpse of an entertainment section that finally answered a question of mine.

I'm more of a visual person, which means when I had cable, I'd get sucked into music videos and would be exposed to songs and singers that just doesn't happen on the radio in the car. In the car, I constantly hit the "seek" button to cruise past 95% of what's playing. But the past couple weeks when driving [livejournal.com profile] dommeyourass's car, I'd stop on a guilty pleasure song. I assumed it was Avril Lavigne and sort of hated myself for it. I was planning on downloading it for my at-home secret pleasures, but I usually forgot to google the lyrics and find the name of the song.

Today I learned it was not Avril Lavigne -- it's Ashlee Simpson. This actually seems better to me.

This afternoon I'm going to some high school near O'Hare to recruit for the writing workshop. Tomorrow DrummerGrrl is teaching the first half of the workshop, with her dozen drums, which will be fantastic. I'm a little nervous about sustaining the second half by myself, but I'll figure it out. I think I'm going to burn a CD of instrumentals and have them write song lyrics or performance poems or rap verses. Don't worry, I won't put Ashlee on the mix.

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