Oct. 18th, 2004

raybear: (Wiley)
I slept for 12 hours last night. I am someone who rarely ever sleeps more than 8.

The show on Saturday night was so amazing, as both an audience and a crew person. It went really smoothly and felt great, and afterwards I was so jacked up and even though I was a little removed and alone in the booth, I had a great time dancing to my own music for two hours. And I heard that others enjoyed it as well, which I'm grateful to hear.

Yesterday was the brunch which started off pretty rough, since most of us only had between 2-3 hours of sleep, and then the car almost got towed and there was other minor crises and then it was all over and done. We went to an 'after-party' which was basically an afternoon slumber party at the producers' house and I laughed so outrageously hard that I wouldn't be surprised if I popped some blood vessels. After about five hours of eating and lounging and laughing and strip-offs and beatnick stripping, I hit the wall and left for home. I didn't even have the full emotional energy to say goodbye to anyone, but I assume and hope no one takes it personally since it was uniform. I just needed to be alone and at home, right that second.

Today I woke up to a voicemail saying my check is in the mail, or more accurately, my check is in the fed-ex truck and should be arriving tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. Big sigh of relief. Also, three weeks from today, we fly to San Francisco. I can hardly believe it.

I just went to the grocery store and the hot clerk was working, wearing his leather cuff on the left. Note to self: go to Dominick's every Monday at noon. Now I'm about to make some coffee and a fabulous meal with the hopes that Lowenstein might wake up in the next hour or so and eat it with me. And then we can watch Angel. And then maybe clean the house a little bit before going to bed early.

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