Oct. 30th, 2004

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I wrote a livejournal entry yesterday but I guess it didn't take. It was about how teaching is going better -- I'm not as drained afterwards, I'm actually even somewhat energized, and I've had some good connections with individual young writers.

I had a busy and full day yesterday. Lunch with Roberto, a visit to the old office including RockStar Attorney who I didn't realize how much I missed until we talked. Then off to a meeting with staff at the center where we teach which was fairly efficient and productive. Afterwards an unexpected two-hour 'date'. Then Critical Mass bike ride. Then dinner. Then Dragon Room. All good, especially the dancing at the end of the night, though draining of any and all remaining emotional and social energy I had in my reserves. This morning I'm hungover on cigarette smoke and grandiose fervor. Which means I have a headache and feeling doubtful.

Today will be all about write, write, write. But first I need to eat. I know, it's dangerous, but I"m not just giving into the "Maybe I'll write better in the ktichen...." temptation. I'm actually rather starving and needing fuel.
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Rather than just constantly posting things on livejournal, I'm actually putting together an e-mail list to announce my DJ gigs. It's not a yahoo groups or anything complicated, just an occasional note from me saying 'hey, come out and dance at this time and this location'. Leave your e-mail address here and I'll add you. Don't worry, only I can view it.

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