Nov. 9th, 2004

raybear: (sushi!)
I've arrived alive. The flight was extra long because a flight to Vegas got rescheduled onto our flight. "It's a direct flight." Um, no. "But you don't get off the plane, it continues onto San Fran, so it's a direct flight." Um, still no. But whatever. The inflight movie was The Manchurian Candidate which was pretty disappointing, but it did pass the time. To add insult to injury was having to pay five bucks for the box of airplane snacks. Note to self: no more America West. Except I will give them credit for getting my luggage to the baggage claim carrel in record-breaking time.

Lowenstein's friends are soooo sweet and generous. And they have two dogs and a cat. One of the dogs is a big rottweiler mix and I'm in love. Though I also like the cat who sleeps in the office with us and wants to be petted and loved until you pet the dog, and then when you touch her with the same hand she bites you. Sassy.

I'm leaving for my consult in half an hour, so I should get coffee and dressed. Thank you to everyone leaving nice comments and thinking good thoughts. Many friends were in my dream last night giving me advice on my upcoming surgery. Including Miss Rook who said I should remember to 'yank & crank' which was her code to take a deep breath then puke the moment I wake up. Also, [ profile] mintwaster was there and carrying around a bag with two at-home pregnancy tests.

That's all for now. Today will hopefully involve shopping and then sushi for dinner -- a last supper for a little while.

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