Dec. 3rd, 2004

raybear: (cranky)
My body doesn't seem to want to co-operate with me lately. I didn't fall asleep last night until nearly 2 am, and that was with the help of melatonin.

I'm soooo excited about my trip to Los Angeles next week. I leave early early Friday morning and go right to school. I'm looking forward to all the people but especially the residency itself. I need some writerly rejuvenation.

Even though I have a lot of work to complete this weekend, I'm looking forward to having the house to myself. Not because there's been any conflict in the house lately, in fact it's quite the opposite. DYA is still my favorite person to be around, but sometimes I just don't want to be around anyone. Actually not sometimes -- a lot of the time. I think I also jumped back into the busy-ness of life too quickly after returning from California, that my body is complaining a bit. It wants more time relaxing and doing stress-free activities, like walking to the store, eating leisurely meals, reading magazines on the couch, watching Todd Haynes's illegal movie "Superstar" which I downloaded. Okay, maybe the last one is what my mind wants, not my body. But today, I'm listening to my body. I'm taking the bus to run a couple errands, enjoying the tiny bit of chilly sunshine and some walking, then coming home to relax with myself. I'll make it out of the house a couple times to visit with friends this weekend, but mostly I'll be hiding and communing with myself.

But first I must choose what new thrift store threads I'm going to wear today. I bought lots of new pants and most of them are slightly too small. I seem to be mostly a 36, sometimes a 37, sometimes a 35. I think once I start running again and I stop eating peanut M&Ms for breakfast, they'll be fine.

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