Feb. 13th, 2004

raybear: (mr. lunch)
Even though I came into work late, I'm struggling to make it to 5 o'clock. I might need a post-work disco nap before pubquiz. Oh, and I have [livejournal.com profile] dommeyourass's wheels so if anyone from the west side (or anywhere in between) needs a ride to Andersonville aka Canada, let me know.

I think I had really intense and heartwrenching dreams last night. I keep getting vague flashes of them throughout the day but it's still fuzzy. Maybe that's another reason why I woke up sad -- something fcked up is happening in my parallel world.

Sophie has been obsessed with getting in the garbage lately. I'm having to crate her every time we leave the house now and sometimes even at night while sleeping. She's also been even more needy than usual. Is there a way of training a dog out of their neurosis and co-dependency? I mean, seriously, it's bad lately. Sometimes it's cute and sweet and adorable, but lately it's just pissing me off. Constantly getting in my face and seeking attention whether I'm on the couch or bed or office or hell, even the toilet. She's nearly three years old but she still has strong puppy tendencies. Maybe I'm the one with the problem -- I just need a brief vacation from dog-duties. It's hard being a single parent to a needy creature -- Lowenstein helps out some which is great, but I do 90% of the walking and feeding and whatnot (because she is MY dog. I'm not abdicating responsibility here). Tomorrow I might drive her to the dog park even though it's freezing outside and let her run around until she exhausts herself or my hands get frostbitten, whichever comes first. She probably is extra cranky and needy because of winter cabin fever. Maybe she has seasonal affective disorder. Maybe I need to stop talking about my dog like a child.

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