Mar. 2nd, 2004

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Another reason I hate my apartment: every day around 7:30 am, someone honks outside our window. Not just once or twice, and then the person comes out and gets their ride -- oh no. Usually it's at least five or six batches of honking, because the person in the apartment is apparently slow as hell and the person in the car is lazy as fuck and won't get out of the car and ring the doorbell. Two or three long honks. Pause. Pause. Two or three long honks. Pause. Pause. Repeat. In these moments, I'm glad I don't own a gun or anything else exceedingly dangerous because my rage is so intense, I awake in a fury and I worry I might do something I would definitely regret. Instead, I can only consider going to the fridge and getting the entire carton of eggs and stepping outside and throwing them one at a time while yelling for them to shut the fuck up. But I can't even do that since it requires getting dressed.

I'm still sick. Or still on this verge. I'm achey and my tonsils are swollen, and that's about it, but it's certainly enough. The plan was to go to work today anyway, just sit at my desk and get schoolwork done all day. But I can't do it. Instead I'm staying home to sleep and in between do schoolwork.

Besides, I read my horoscope after calling in and it said today is a good day to focus on my health. Which means finishing my orange juice then going back to sleep now that the honking is done.
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I took a nap in the morning but was awakened by a phonecall from work. I ran an errand or two after eating lunch, then came home to put together the skeleton of my story, which I guess wore me out completely, as I just awoke from a 3 hour nap on the couch. In my dream was a visit from my friend in the new york office, a ride on the subway train, and an interaction with Lowenstein coming home from work while I was on the couch (a quasi-lucid dream). At first I woke up sad that it didn't happen in real-life, but then I just relished how real the interaction felt.

I also woke up with a concrete writing plan for the next day and a half. I've been doing that a lot lately -- my first thoughts as I come to the waking world bring such clarity in planning and inspiration. At least with the more minor problems plaguing me. I'm hoping my dreams start bringing me those bigger solutions. I was hoping to mail my school packet tomorrow, but it will just have to happen on Thursday morning. I still have to make major changes to two stories and write my annotation, and those things just won't happen tonight or during the day tomorrow. Or rather, they will happen, but they won't be completed, no matter how much wellness formula I take.

I had other random things from my day to write about, but all I can remember in my haze is watching the afternoon news and I caught the end of some story about police capturing suspects for some CTA crimes, and the reporter said the total stolen in this "crime spree" was a cell phone, a video game, and $20. That's a crime spree?! Geez, the standards have dropped. That sounds more like an average mugging, not a "spree".

Oh, and it's possible I broke or sprained a toe last night. It's definitely swollen and tender, but I'm not limping. I think I'll choose the ignore-and-let-it-heal-crooked-on-its-own option.

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