Apr. 21st, 2004

raybear: (mr. lunch)
I feel like this particular episode of Mercury in Retrograde is suiting me quite well. Knock on superstitious wood, I've had no technological breakdowns or major arguments based in miscommunication. Some minor moments of foot-in-mouth disease that were quickly rectified, a few missed phone calls and crossed wires, but that's it. Instead, I have had LOTS of visitors from my past, in the form of ghosts, real-people, or new people who I interact with in similar ways as past people. I'm all about revisiting past decisions.

So here's the deal. Yesterday I went into RockStar Attorney's office (she's also my supervisor) and told her that as of June 15th, I no longer will be a full-time employee of _____ ______. I quit!! I gave two months notice and didn't storm out dramatically grabbing a plant on the way to the elevator while screaming 'I'm getting off this crazy train!', but I quit!! She took it very well, even better than I imagined. A combination of sadness of losing an asset but understanding that I need to make this jump and congratulations on my bravery in following a passion and encouragement that she's always known I deserverd and could do better than this job. I left her office jubilent. I still feel excited, and with just enough panic to motivate me to start working on my vision -- I hope this keeps up. I think it will.

I have so much more to write but no time because I'm so fcking busy between my personal to-do lists and work work. I will end with my dream.

[livejournal.com profile] dommeyourass and I were getting ready to go house-hunting. Yeah, in my dreams, we could afford a house. So we're getting dressed and ready to leave the apartment and talking to each other from various rooms in the house while doing our thing, and DYA kept saying something and I couldn't hear and say "what?" so she'd repeat and I'd say "what?" and then my cell phone rang and I answer and it was her, calling me from her cell phone and she repeated it. We started giggling, but didn't hang up our phones. We kept talking while being on opposite side of the apartment, putting on shoes, brushing teeth, etc. We started talking dirty to each other in these quiet voices, and it was hot to look down the hallway and make eye contact and hear her mumbling into the phone from a distance with one ear, but hearing her crystal clear intimate words coming into my own ear. We kept talking and finally met in the hallway and I hung up the phone mid-word and started kissing her.

It's funny how in some dreams I'll have actual sex, but it's not terribly erotic or hot, just mechanical. But in other dreams, it's just looks or small touches through clothes or just a voice on the phone, and it's an absolutely smoldering experience.

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