May. 3rd, 2004

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On the walk to the train, the theme song to WKRP in Cincinnati came on my ipod.

For the past week it seems that every other night I'm only getting 4-5 hours a sleep. In between I'm only getting 7 hours, which is about average. I'm not sure what my body is running on. Possibly coffee and the love of a good woman. Or dog. Probably the coffee.

Here comes the update. But first, some predictions of things to come. Supposedly.

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Friday I got up at 6 am along with DYA and all the kings going to DC. Except instead of sitting in a van, I packed up the kitchen and remaining household. I got the keys to the new place, then drove up to Canada to pick up [ profile] thebrownhornet, my moving buddy for the day. We ate fried chicken and watched three guys move my stuff. We picked up couches and went to the new place. At 5 pm they were done. At 6 pm Damon packed the car (and I mean packed) while I swept and soon we were driving off into the sunset away from the old and into the new, with a quick stop at Hollywood Grill for dinner. I recommend the coffee (it's Superior -- the name says it all) and the mozzerella cheese sticks.

Oh, I forgot to mention I lost Liesl, the cat. Or thought I did. I thought she had run off, snuck out of the apartment, never to be seen again. I made several distraught phone calls to Lowenstein. About 3/4ths of the way through the move, suddenly one of the moving men yelled, "CAT. CAT." and she appeared in the hallway. I have no idea where she was hiding, but I snatched her up and shoved her into the crate. She made it to the new apartment but I haven't seen her since Friday night when she woke me up on the couch in the middle of the night by pawing my face. She's eaten some, so I know she's around, probably just recuperating in a corner from the trauma.

Sophie, however, is thriving. She's completely in love with the back yard, though this morning there was a minor incident involving her paw getting caught under the back door which made her a little wary, but I'm sure she'll get over it soon enough. She's also loving the new couches and the sunshine and the windows. I don't blame her.

On Saturday I ran errands, including a grocery store trip with [ profile] limenal who also let me use her computer so I could submit a short story before the deadline. Later that evening I had a date where I was fed an amazing meal. I was so spoiled. It also included a fantastic breakfast. Ahem.

Sunday was spent arranging furniture in the living room and working on the kitchen. I've had two unsuccessful ventures in bed shopping this weekend. In true bachelor fashion I've been sleeping on the couch or in others' beds, which hasn't been bad but Lowenstein comes home tonight, so I should probably figure out how the hell to fit the old bed into the playroom/bedroom so we can sleep tonight. Otherwise I'm sure she'll claim the couch and I'll be stuck with the loveseat and my legs will cramp.

Last night I DJed for the Hellcat Hussies and it was tons of fantastic. Their show was great, I had fun in the booth, lots of friendly faces came by to say hi, the crowd was fabulous.

That was the short report. I need food. And more coffee.

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