Jun. 14th, 2004

raybear: (mr. lunch)
You know you're feeling a little stressed out and needing to exert some control on your life when your best friend e-mails you to say "hey, tonight's the night I have surprise outing for you where we celebrate early your birthday and everything else so I'll meet you at 5" and for a moment I panic and think, but I have to cancel because I have so much work to do and I was going to go home tonight afterwards and sit on the couch! I can't handle the excitement!
Oh wait, yes I can.

You know it's a little sad when part of your romantic life can be wholly and perfectly encapsulated by a Todd Rundgren song.

You know I'm crazed at work when my journal entries are short and nearly nonsensical.
raybear: (switch)
Because it's a high stress week, I decided I'd take one or two wellness formulas a day, just to give my immune system an extra boost since I know I tend to get sick during these types of things.

I realized that earlier today I opened the wrong bottle and took a kava kava instead of a wellness formula. At least I'll be relaxed about getting sick.

In the back of a desk drawer I never open, I found a hammer and a nearly empty bottle of 12 year old scotch whiskey. Well, it was 12 years old at the time -- now it's about 15 years old, since I think I acquired it when my friend Alissa was working in the development department. There's only maybe one drink worth of scotch in the bottle and I remember I put it in my desk "in case of emergency" which I guess never happened.

I can't explain the hammer.

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